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  1. FANTASTIC Bluecoats!! Masterclass in GE! Off the charts entertaining!
  2. Oh my...there are no words. Love you, Cavies! One of my tops favs of the summer! Thank you x's 1000!
  3. Wow BK! That gorgeous music just washes over me the entire show! Just all kinds of luscious-ness!
  4. Ahhhhhh Blue Stars!! You make me so happy! Loved your show so much! Some of my favorite music and drill of the summer. Loved the mountain prop, and dare I say....your costumes are some of my favorites of the summer, too! Sooooo nicely done!
  5. Amazing performers and that drumline is a joy to watch! Thank you for your passion, Cadets!
  6. Yaaasss Mandarins! Making Cali so proud!! Thanks for the awesome-ness!
  7. Wow....thank you Crossmen, for making me a Crossmen super-fan! Loved this show allll summer long!