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  1. Great condition kanstul sops, mellos, baritones, contras. Pics available all great condition 3v silverplate.
  2. I have 1 3v Kanstul powerbore soprano very very good condition. 2 Dynasty 3v mellophones very good condition 2 years old. 2 Dynasty 3v baritones Pics available on
  3. Do you still have any 2V Bari's left?

  4. Do you still have any 2V Bari's left?

  5. Almost forgot you can email me on benjaminkennedy
  6. Iam looking to learn drill design. If anybody has any books they don't need I would be interested. Ian willing to pay. I've been recommended dan Ryder?? Also any designers who maybe willing to give me any help.....
  7. Kanstul Horns now sold....... Still got 2 3v Dynasty baritones and 1 3v Dynasty dynabone. Iam looking for $300 on each horn, shipping included...........
  8. Hi Guys, I only have 2 3v Dynasty baritones and a 3v dynasty dynabone left for sale. They are in excellent condition iam looking for $300 on all horns, shipping included.
  9. Hi. I have 2 3v Dynasty baritones in chrome and 1 3v dynasty dynabone in chrome. I also have a silverplate Kanstul baritone and a Kanstul silverplate mellophone both 3v.
  10. The horns are G. Ony have 5 dynasty 3v baritones for sale now. and 2 3v dynabones
  11. Ben, I'm a B flat guy. Just joined a G band and am in need of a nice G 3 valve. Getzen, King or Kanstul? PLs help. I'm here in Boston.

  12. I have the following for sale. 8 3v dynasty baritones $190 each 4 3v Kanstul baritones $600 each 1 3v Kanstul soprano $300 1 3v dynasty Alto $150 2 3v Dynasty Mellophones $150 Please email for details and pictures
  13. This is really the final Purge on these Horns now. Ive got only a handful left. All 2v stuff has gone, just got 3v Dynastys left. Approx 10 dynasty baritoes Chrome and Silver, 1 or 2 Chrome Dynasty mellophones, 2 Dynasty chrome altos, 2 Dynasty Chrome dynabones, I have a 3v Rhodes baritones too. I also have quite a big spares/repair pile. If anybody is looking for anything to cannablise- there is baritones mellos altos and sops in this pile. to get your hands on these.
  14. Hey Ben,

    Another NY'er looking for a Baritone. Double valve would work for me. Price ?

    Contact me please.