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  1. Thanks for responses. I did not get the email two weeks ago but dod get the one yesterday, but unfortunately i cannot access my gmail at work so diidnt see the email until last night. By then almost the entire middle sections were wiped clean. i usually sit in rows 30 and up etc but got down close in row 10 but on the fifty, so i guess i will be in the blast zone. getting tickets for allentown has always been stressful, wish it were easier but oh well.
  2. Just curious if anyone got aletter this year for allentown 2 night package. I only got an email today at 10:01 telling me they epwere on sale today. Missed my chance at my usual seats. Darn
  3. It was a brass player from my view. Drummer picked it up at the end but i didnt see her get it back
  4. For me this year has some of the most amazing shows from all the corps the top 15 all have some power and beautiful moments for me. Not once did i find myself hoping one is over fast to get to one i like better. It was a great night for me. The top 6 are stellar.
  5. Loved the ending tonight. Amazing and a great surprise.
  6. From where i was it got a huge response from the audience. And for me it was pretty amazing as a visual after seeing it how theyve done it the last 5 shows.
  7. Bluecoats at the Akron show were phenomenal, and the akron venue is the greatest venue. Please have this show here every year from now on and ditch massilon. As much as i love the sound at Massillon because of the overhang, akron is just so much better for it all: crowd size ( anyone have a total?) merchandise (Blooo’s souvie line was packed all night long) concessions and bathrooms, sound was still awesome, announcements and corps speakers all could be heard clearly (though the same woman announcer always cracks me up, she gets something wrong every year i think she jumped the gun at the end of the cavies’s show lol) Parking? Maybe a little unorganized from exchange street and i do think they weren't so efficient in getting everyone through quickly for bag checks etc. but lots of police on the streets for traffic afterwards and it looked like corps had good spots for their trucks and busses, and the stadium is just beautiful and the entrance and exits of corps for set up etc looked so easy (compared to buffalo). And what an amazing crowd. They know how to watch and appreciate drum corps. No talking around me at all during a performance and then the applause and love they showed!! I hope all the corps felt it. What a great send off to Indy for all of them. And the program was amazing. Bloo was pouring out the love for everyone who has supported them. That is a lot if work to put together. All in all it was a great great night of drum corps.. the best way to enjoy summer. And bluecoats this year are inspiring.
  8. After seeing Bluecoats in buffalo and feeling the energy they brought, i predict the crowd will go insane in akron when they see them. It will be one amazing night with all these corps and with the akron crowd. Wow bring it on Bloooo!
  9. Congratulations! Last night’s performance was powerful. A great way to to head into this final week at the top. Everyone looked so into the energy of this show. And the competition with the Blue Devils is electric. Both shows hold their own and somehow seem to inspire each other. The power and beauty of theater and performance. Loved it all last night
  10. No rain. A little breeze no lightning as of now. Waiting. They made everyone leave the stadium even cleared the souvie area. I have never seen this for what in my opinion was lightning in the distance. I hope they don’t require everyone to show their tickets to get back in or it will take at least an hour.
  11. Beautiful and should stay that way all night! (Unlike last year lol)
  12. Yes and i think more references to the past shows this year as the title suggests. They are presenting Bluecoats in spirit, identity, their past with nods to other shows, and their whole Bluecoats vibe. I love it more and more as i watch them.
  13. Now that could be a best selling t shirt for sure!
  14. Wow. Thank you. That should get the crowd to their feet and singing!