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  1. I have one for sale, my friend can't make it. Sec 141, row 18, seat 2. It's the part of the section closest to the 50. Text me at 512-922-4825. I plan on being there before the first group steps off at 2, but can meet you at the entrance at anytime during the show. Asking face value, $79. Thanks, Jimmy
  2. Hello, I have two seats to quarters on Thursday in Indy. Happy to sell them at face value, $59 each. Section 141, row 18, seats 1 and 2. These are the aisle seats closest to the 50. I prefer these seats because you look right to the center of the field with fewer people in the way to block the view. I can meet you there (I plan on arriving around 11 or 12 that morning) or we can split the cost of UPS air guaranteed shipping if you want. PM me or respond here.
  3. Are the Cadets marching less brass than the other top corps? Anyone get a good count?
  4. Please forgive me if this has already been addressed, but how full of a judges panel is the show today?
  5. Hello, I am selling some funny "Hey Football Team Get Off the Band Field" tees on Amazon. Free Prime shipping for Prime members. Only $14.95. Here's the link to the Amazon page where you can securely sign into your account: www.amazon.com/marchingtee We can also design and print up any tees you want in quantities of 50 or more on quality 100% Gildan tees starting at only $5.95 for one color ink prints. For orders over 100, we can make an even better deal. FREE SHIPPING to any US location. I have taught music for 15 years and attend all the DCI Finals, so you can trust me to design a gr
  6. I completely agree, there is just something missing at the end. I hope they figure out a solid ending to this mostly great show.
  7. Friend at the show says there is no problem, it might be our DCI Live feed????
  8. The mule painted on the 50 compliments Crown's show nicely.
  9. I think PR has more cleaning to do than some of the other top corps, almost seems like the tempos are a bit too quick for the time being, but I look forward to seeing them in August!
  10. Very cool, thanks for the background. I didn't know "Earth Song" was also a band piece.
  11. Agreed. The ballad is from a choral piece and has a lot of "added" chords, seconds and sixths, mm and MM seventh chords, avoids tritones, etc.... just like the writing of Whitacre.
  12. SCV, very classy, not cutting edge, but lots of beauty, a solid performance and tons of talent.
  13. My Awards so far: Most Innovative: Blue Coats Best Musicianship: Crown Most Intense: Cadets Most Talented: Blue Devils Most Improved: Cavaliers Best Drill: Vanguard Overachievers: Blue Stars/Blue Knights Worst Use of Talent: Phantom/Scouts (although both shows have very nice moments, I just wish they had better show designs) The top 5 groups are a real pleasure to watch, I hope it's a 5 way tie for first.
  14. I noticed this too. They marched 4 cymbals and I am pretty sure I saw a fifth ran out just for the final set.
  15. Would love them! Not a scalper, taking my wife for birthday. Can send money or PayPal. Thanks