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  1. I got these from periscope: StarUnited-98.0 Freelancers-95.667 Bridgemen-89.0 BrigJuice-88.333 Rocketeers-84.0 Confirmed:
  2. Awesome thanks 😀 anyone know what their repertoire is? (CorpsReps doesn't have it yet.)
  3. Found this earlier in the thread (from Fran): 9:00pm Govenaires Shanghai Festival Corps 9:15pm Rocketeers 9:30pm Brig Juice 9:45pm Bridgemen 10:00pm Freelancers 10:15pm Star United That's official, right? (Also what's the story behind "Shanghai Festival Corps"?)
  4. Interesting question. I'm guessing they just mean it's the Taxi arrangement of Georgia on My Mind, based on this:
  5. I'd also like to know what the Mini Corps schedule is. I'm seeing all the I&E schedules on DCA's site but no schedule for Mini Corps. I'm guessing it starts at 8:30 or later just because all the I&E schedules show that scores/awards are available at 8:30.
  6. Dumb question: The "Crusaders Senior D&B Corps" is the Boston Crusaders Alumni rather than the Rochester Crusaders Alumni, correct?
  7. St. Peter MN #dca2016 Open: MNBrass-91.65 Govenaires-83.8 Class A: Kilties-74.55 ChopsInc-71.9 /via Frank Ponzo
  8. Everett MA #dca2016 Open: Sunrisers-84.55 Hurricanes-79.65 Class A: Excelsior-66.35 /via Frank Ponzo
  9. Pecksville PA #dca2016 Buccaneers-93.75 Cadets2-90.9 Caballeros-90.45 FusionCore-89.55 WhiteSabers-85.4 Skyliners-79.0 /via Frank Ponzo
  10. Not that I can find anywhere. Found a guy who periscoped most of the Everett MA show. He scoped the full retreat, but not the scores. :(
  11. 1. Buccaneers 88.50 2. Cadets2 84.95 3. White Sabers 81.35 4. Bushwackers 77.05 5. Skyliners 74.80 6. Hurricanes 73.30
  12. Thanks, I see them now, but they weren't there when I posted. The URL changed as well, from to
  13. Any idea what's up with the summarized recaps at: Please tell me DCA hasn't suddenly decided to follow DCI's lead by not posting full recaps?