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  1. Sorry, Boss. I appreciate your loyalty and all, but did you hear them this summer. I mean really hear them. Lots of rows to hoe to get that field producing an Ott.
  2. That show is better than what Crown did when they won. Not talking anything away. just ####.
  3. Crazy how good DCI is getting. Crown does that and probably won't win. You ####### kidding me?
  4. WOW! Bluecoats. That was on fire. We will see what everyone else brings, but ####! DCI champs most years with that performance.
  5. Some trumpets and mellow were so sharp at the end they were almost a half step up from the written note. Ouch! It hurt.
  6. I guess I am hearing a different hornline than everyone else. Rough to my ears in most all ways. The show is so forced it seems like no one in the design room said "let's do this man theme but elevate it here and there and offer something other than forced stereotypes". I just can't get into it. The end is really forced. Just want it to stop.
  7. What is Cavies show about?
  8. Madison and Mandarins are my vote for 11th and 12th. Then Colts, SCVC, and then Crossmen, maybe, or SOA of BDB.
  9. Crossmen trumpet solo from the start sets me in the wrong direction and it is largely downhill from there. I tried. All season. Really. Just does nothing for me in any way. Would much rather see Mandarins and Madison again.
  10. Cricket responses to Madison thus far in Lucas Oil.
  11. #### Mandarins! Threw it down and then some. Unless Madison changed a lot of their show, it can't stack up.
  12. Wow, SCVC! That was smokin. Relentless. Until this point everyone has had a few of those slight to severe cringe moments. Not you. Open Class Championships well deserved. Congrats!