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  1. The Melha Drum Corps is once again sponsoring the BHOF Springfield Regional I & E and Mini Corps show. Saturday April 18, 2015 Melha Shrine Center 133 Longhill St Springfield MA Show starts at 1PM Brass and Percussion individuals and ensembles in competition. Scheduled to appear in ensemble competition are 2 units from Tri Valley Brass from Central PA and The Centurians from Enfield CT. In the mini corps competition Tri Valley Brass will attempt to unseat returning champs The Marksmen Mini Corps from Western MA. The Standish Guard from Plymouth MA will compete in the percussion category. In individual completion on brass will be several members of The Centurions, Marksmen, and Tri Valley Brass, as well as Tom "43" Michealski in at least 2 categories. In exhibition will be the Missilemen from Winthrop MA, CT Alumni from Seymour CT and from Long Island, The Seldon Cadets Alumni. All this for just $10.00! Food will be sold and there will be a cash bar and a wine raffle. Come on out and get your drum corps fix!
  2. Today's the day! Not a cloud in the sky, so come on by!
  3. Maybe someone should tell the Barnum people that they could charge $20. per ticket and then maybe they will do it?
  4. Okay! The numbers as of today are 12 individual 3 ensemble 1 duet 2 mini's 5 exhibition See you Saturday!
  5. UPDATE The Red Knights have decided to enter the Mini Corps competition instead of doing an exhibition. Does anyone want to make it 3 mini's?
  6. The Melha Drum Corps is once again hosting the Springfield Regional i&E and Mini Corps Competition The event will take place on Saturday, April 12, 2014 starting at 1PM at the Melha Shrine Center, 133 Longhill St, Springfield MA Several individuals have already dusted off their horns and entered, but we still have room for you! In addition, the percussion emsemble catagory will once again have spirited competition between the host Melha Drum Corps, and rival Standish Guard of Plymouth MA In brass ensemble the Basement Brass is looking for some competition, as is The Marksmen in the mini corps catagory.. Following the competition several corps will perform in exhibition. PLEASE NOTE This line-up has changed as some units have had to pull out due to unforseen circunstances! (High school band commitments, getting a really high paying gig, etc.) As of this writing we have: Seldon Cadets, Seldon, NY Missilemen, Winthrop MA Defenders, Rockland MA Westchester Brassmen, Harrison, NY And, for their first appearance in BHOF exhibition, Red Knights, Pittsfield MA All this for just $10.00! Food will be available, as well as a cash bar Sign up forms are available at www, See you there!
  7. As I understand it the promoter lost about 5k on last years show. I believe it may have been the last one.
  8. Looking forward to seeing the corps on the field!
  9. FYI The 27th Lancers alumni corps was called The Light Brigade You may want to rethink the name
  10. The ticket price as I understand it is to cover the appearance fees for the corps. MOST corps charge $2500.00 for a parade. Add an evening performance and the price HAS to go up. Even at that some corps LOSE money doing Plymouth as they have to cover travel expenses and food. The 2013 show had 9 corps. The hall holds 1000 people. The ticket price was $30.00. The show producer needs to sell out to cover her expenses, The attendence has been dwindling the past few years and sponsers have come forward to cover the unsold tickets. As I understand it the Plymouth Hometown Celebration Committee covers little to no part of the corps parade or performance fees, The money has to come from somewhere, so the price goes up. If you want to see drum corps in exhibition at a good price then attend any of the Buglers Hall Of Fame I&E and mini corps shows. Most feature a talented line up in competition, and some GREAT corps in exhibition. The price? $10.00! The event schedule is listed on their site I will be posting the line up for the Springfield Regional BHOF Show soon. As of this writing we have 2 mini's and 5 exhibition units!
  11. I have called and left message AND e-mailed with no reply. Please respond!
  12. I would suggest seats under the overhang. Our seats were lower in the stands and we fried in the sun!