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  1. I think they are using this year's props amazingly well. Perhaps the best prop use ever. SCV was pretty amazing at it last year. But I am distracted that they too often run to them and move them as if those members are invisible, moving in a way that looks frantic to me, doesn't match the music/mood, and takes them out of performance mode.
  2. Bluecoats over Devils. Love both, but as many have said, Bluecoats production is so seamless and constantly engaging every phrase of the show. Blue Devils are using too many of the same design devices they have used in past years so I loose interest at times. I am also extremely distracted by how many times Bluve Devils are done with a feature and most if not that entire group then runs off stage to the props or other area of the field. Those should be opportunities to develop those moments artistically and should not be a distraction.
  3. Good topic! Interesting. Had to add Fancy Regiment! BLOO: Aesthetic=10, Intellectual=8, Emotional= 10 BD: Aesthetic=8, Intellectual=8, Emotional= 7 SCV: Aesthetic=6, Intellectual=8, Emotional= 6 CC: Aesthetic=8, Intellectual=8, Emotional= 8 BC: Aesthetic=8, Intellectual=8, Emotional= 8 CAVIES: Aesthetic=9, Intellectual=9, Emotional= 10 BK: Aesthetic=6, Intellectual=9, Emotional= 8 PR: Aesthetic=6, Intellectual=7, Emotional=9
  4. PR, you were great Saturday in SA. The crowd ate it up. Huge jump in performance and design compared to what came before. It is so hard these days to be top six, to move up competitively, please everyone, blah blah blah. Know you are loved and that most are pulling for you.
  5. Thanks for starting this thread. I often feel like the audience, including DCPers and others in the community have great ideas as to how to make some shows better. I think it easy to get close to a project and find it difficult to always be objective or even come up with the right solutions for things that aren't working. I agree with much of your list. I have seen most shows live and at risk of sounding cliche, it is yet again another year where the quality I indeed better than the previous year, with those not making finals being incredibly strong groups that would have made franks in
  6. THIS!!! It seems that Scouts have long been inclusive and open-minded, but this fact does not negate that drum corps members of any generation do not have feelings, summer struggles, etc. All positive vibes to the 2019 Madison Scouts. KSA.
  7. Well, sorry to offend and stereotype. It is simply extremely rare I meet an alumni that is positive about anything Madison since 1999. That said, I have met a few who are level headed, informed, and supporters of the current activity.
  8. Have you read DCP since 2001? Sat by Madison alumni at a show? Know Madison alumni that you bump into from time to time? Not trying to be overly snarky, but Madison alumni are notoriously the most destructive and narrow-minded of all drum corp alumni I have ever known, and by a long shot.
  9. Difficult to watch. It is uninteresting and slow. You can tell they are trying to sell it. Just not a lot to sale. I think they would be more enjoyable as a stand still corps. Hate to be blunt. I assume this is what a lot of the alumni want. It pains me.
  10. I did not get to the stadium in time to see the first two groups. Sorry, Colt Cadets and River City Rhythm. Madison Scouts: The uniforms look sharp but don't elevate the theme or vibe of the show. And like when PR came out in all white or all black, a singular color head to toe really exposes dirt, and Scouts unfortunately have a lot of that. There were a couple of times that the Madison machismo seemed to appear, but the show was pretty shaky for the most part and seemed really long. I do not get a theme, not that such is everything, but it might would have helped the corps do a better
  11. I get that you and others on this thread are trying to help make things better in an empathetic and caring way. While there is some logic to the thought that alumni that are highly successful in related fields could possibly help make design and instruction better through their own professional prowess, such is quite a slippery slope and by and large shown by similar past interventions, by successful alumni at other corps, to be a disaster. There are so many passionate drum corps fans, including those on DCP, that I do not wish to offend, but I regularly get the sense that most think the the d
  12. I must say the Madison vs Colts thing is a bit of a shock. Ready to see this recap. Don't get me wrong, I want everyone one to do well, but fairness is fairness. Penalty? Wrong numbers?
  13. I enjoyed the show, though the crowd seemed odd. Cannot quite put my finger on it. My quick take (will do a full review later): Colt Cadets: Didn't get to see them. Rushed home from work and to the stadium. Sorry. Colts: A much improved design over past few years and lots of energy. Crowd really reacted to the huge sound and confidence. Crossmen: Well, I was expecting them to be good, but not in this way. They have put on some big boy britches and are using a "take no prisoners" approach to their aggressive and highly entertaining show. I cannot imagine them not in final
  14. Your post made me so angry! How dare you try to be rational. Oh, don't think I don't get it you Blue Devil fan you. I love the Cavaliers so anything that has any negative slat at all is poop and stupid and dumb and the poster obviously has it out for the Green Machine. I am so mad my face is purple and I'm flailing so much I knocked my coffee over. Oh, and an eye just popped out. I did curse but quietly because the kids are still asleep. Argghhhhh! Okay, got my eye back in. Well any way, so there mister! BTW, you had some typos.  OMG. This made my morning. THANKS!