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  1. Late in catching up on this thread, but let me ask this - my HS marching band was small - maybe 4 drummers and 12 other instrumentalists, but we had no woodwind players. Were we a drum corps or a marching band?
  2. I think they ripped the Jabba the Hutt laugh when Goliath enters..
  3. Love the soundtrack from The Truman Show, some good source material there.
  4. How many flugels is Madison marching? Not a great instrument for the field if un-mic'ed. Sounds like they may be on more trumpet-like mouthpieces with them too?
  5. I didn't see anyone mention the real travesty at the Allentown show this year - no sno-cones/shaved ice! Where else can you get one that's larger than your head now?
  6. I was sitting right up where the judges were, and I couldn't hear a lot over the pit and synths, so not sure it came through.. directly mic'd soloists sure, but there were things I was definitely listening for that I knew were there from Flo viewings that I had to struggle to pick out over the insanely loud amps. Even SCV when the screamers do their thing - the only one I could hear was the last guy that missed because the pit stops playing.. but the 8 measure build up (G, G->B, D->G, then top guy) was almost inaudible live. At least to me.
  7. Preferably section H, but let me know what ya got! Need 2 for Friday, and just 1 for Saturday.
  8. I wanted them to break inti Also Sprach Zarathustra at the end right after the timpani, perfect transition!
  9. Cadets show seems to be about 75% percussion with some brass and vocals thrown in now and then.