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  1. frachel

    Music corps should NOT do

    I watched The Pirate Movie at least 30 times when I was younger, lol.
  2. Couldn't find my hi-cam version at the moment, but this will do:
  3. frachel

    The Cadets 2019

    Only to be overpowered by a single finger on a synthesizer :-(
  4. If they weren't a DCI member corps yet, why would the DCI social media policy apply? Allowing them to continue to do SoundSport just makes their evaluation cancellation look like a spiteful act.
  5. frachel

    Help me out here!

    Tom Berenger was in Born on the Fourth of July with Bob Gunton Bob Gunton was in JFK with Bacon You're a 2, not a 4!
  6. There were some dropouts on the right bari soloist live at the stadium.
  7. Bluecoats sure were cutting it close with the timing lady!
  8. frachel

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Have you never really seen pictures/paintings/games with elephant graveyards (lion king), kodo graveyard (WoW), etc..? I thought it was pretty obvious what they were, guess not?
  9. frachel

    Orlando, FL - July 8, 2018

    Before that (I think.. mid 80's).. David Brearley in Kenilworth, NJ.
  10. frachel

    Orlando, FL - July 8, 2018

    Band director of my High School in the 80's too!
  11. frachel

    Clifton, NJ - July 5, 2018

    Crown seemed a bit off tonight. I clearly saw one member (brass) that was in the wrong place in a form, and quite visibly turned his head and slowly moved to where he was supposed to be when everyone else was stationary. I mean if members at the end of a curve were supposed to be S1 S2 S3 S4 at 3 step intervals, this guy was supposed to be S2 but he ended up between S3 and S4 instead of between S1 and S3.. The trombone feature when they start rocking the big prob not quite together either.. but still love the show. Night and day vs. the theater. First time seeing Cadets this year, thought it was ok. Too many sound effects for my liking, but the brass sounded great when they played, and I really like the effect they get when they turn backfield and are all black. Wind was wreaking havoc with some flags though. For as much as I dislike narration and singing, the singer for the Bluecoats is just wonderful and fits the show perfectly.
  12. Accusers/victims don't file criminal charges. Only a municipal, state or federal attorney can do that.
  13. frachel

    2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    My 1st apartment was directly next door to Immaculata. Horrible downstairs neighbor I had to call the cops on many time (really old lady), even knocked my motorcycle down a few times (finally caught it on camera). sorry for the diversion, now back to drum corps..
  14. frachel

    2017 Mini-corps lineup?

    And.. I got sick on vacation and can't play tomorrow :-( I'm so bummed (had 2 mini corps performances and an I&E duet).. but I'll be there to cheer everyone on.
  15. frachel

    2017 Mini-corps lineup?

    I'm in 2 of the groups performing.. there for fun, to play and have a great weekend! I didn't even know it was scored until I went to DCA last year for the 1st time (playing in a small and large ensemble group). Placement is the last thing on my mind, I want the crowd to be entertained, and have some fun playing!