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  1. Haha... my wife sprung for Jersey Surf zip hoodie. Just considered it a donation since it was pretty poor quality.
  2. I'll take the Thursday tickets! Thanks. Just text back when its convenient. Thanks again
  3. Darn a little too far for me. Anyone know of other open rehearsals in cincy/ northern ky in next week or so? Bluecoats or other Corp?
  4. Yes. I live in Northern Ky and will pick up my son in Lexington on the way. Hope the rain holds out. Really looking forward to seeing all the groups outside. Most every year I only get to see west coast groups at LOS.
  5. Just bought tickets in section G :( not the best but really looking forward to seeing the show with My big brother and my son. We all three played the trombone in band and we haven't seen a DCI show together since 2007 in Murfreesboro. Anyone have any tips for Vanderbilt? Where to park? Where to eat before hand? Things to do in the early part of day? My son and I will be driving down from Lexington for the day. Thanks
  6. Thank you. I actually live in Northern Kentucky. Last year I was able to catch the Cadets rehearse at Thomas More College. Was hoping for another nearby location this year.
  7. Let's hear it! Where are all the rehearsal sites In and around Indy on Tuesday and Wednesday?
  8. Bluecoats 2007-2012 All white Regiment Crown 2007-2009 Worst (I know you didn't ask) Crown 2014. Hands down!
  9. I'll start with 2002 in no particular order: 2002 Cavaliers 2005 Bluecoats 2007 Phantom Regiment 2008 Cavaliers 2008 Phantom Regiment 2009 Carolina Crown 2010 Bluecoats 2013 Carolina Crown 2014 Bluecoats 2014 Vangard
  10. Great show at the theatre ever! The sound was good and loud! And there were no technical issues. Good job DCI and Rave theatre
  11. Did you end up going? It was a good time. I only had to ask them to turn up the volume one time. I still would have liked it louder but my wife told me to stop complaining!
  12. Rave Cinema. Florence, Ky Excited to see all the corps performing tonight (especially Bluecoats and Cavies) since they Rained out last night
  13. I really enjoyed Bluestars. Nice sound and complete package. A little to gimmicky with the theme but I really enjoyed it. I wasn't a big fan of Spirits show. They did a nice job playing. There was too much singing and I didn't really love the drill. All and all both shows were enjoyable though and the rest of my party really enjoyed them.
  14. Just got home from the show. Very disappointed I REALLY wanted to see the Bluecoats tonight. I didn't want to see them first in the theatre. Oh well. I would have stayed till midnight if I could have! Well I guess the theatre will have to do.
  15. Hilarious! Sorry I couldn't help it. I tried not to laugh.
  16. Just found out my son can go to Indy with me and I sold my seats! Anyone have prelims tickets for sale? Also does anyone know how seats are numbered at Lucas Oil?? Is seat 1 closer to the 50 yard line or the other way around? Thanks