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  1. My bad! Searched but didn't find this. Thank you!
  2. Hey everybody. I heard a rumor floating around that I&E wasn't taking place this year for world class. Anybody know if this is true or not? Also on here.... According to that, Open class I&E is still scheduled. But what about world?
  3. Hey guys. I just have a question based on your prior experiences... What is it like with drum corps during your high school to college transition? I'm currently a senior in high school and about to start my 3rd year in drum corps this summer (yeah I know, started early). I just have some thoughts of maybe not marching a year to work all summer and make my drives back and forth to college a little less hectic... Everytime that creeps into my mind I realize why I do drum corps, it's to feel thankful for all the royalties at home, to feel blessed to have the ability to study, have a car, have
  4. Yeah i just came back from tour and hopped into the show in a few weeks. Learning a MB show is incredibly easy after tour. Especially after bluestar drill.
  5. I totally agree on how it would be less limiting... But man I would miss that BA feeling of having your eyes hidden by a shako
  6. I think we're still gonna have an exciting wildcard battle for the 12th spot in finals. The Crossmen are going to get A LOT of new talent just like spirit did in 2011. The Bluestars are gonna be ON FIRE after the epic conclusion to the season, I cant wait to see how it translates to the show.
  7. I just gotta say, I can't wait to see the new uniform, but I thought the grey was classy looking. Especially with the white arms and shoulders, when the corps does upper body movement... Man those arms really pop.
  8. I performed in the parade... It was kinda weird. We all had the idea of having our last performance as a unit on the field... But nope... Parade.
  9. Sticking with these... 1. 2003 Phantom regiment 2. Blue Devils C 3. Blue Devils B 4. Cadets 2 5. Star of Indiana 6. Pioneer Jr 7. Blue Nights (lol) 8. Dynasty Revival Corps 9. 2010 Bluecoats 10. Spirit of Disney marching band 11. 2012 Superbowl halftime show 12. The Nicki Minaj tribute band-corps
  10. So do you guys think all of those corps will eventually all be playing Jupiter or yamaha?
  11. Hey guys, After seeing so many corps switch from either Yamaha or King to Jupiter, what do you think the chances are that all corps will eventually be playing on the same brand? Granted, I don't have a clue about how much money is spent by corps for these horns, all I know is it seems Jupiter gives out some great deals. I'm preparing now to march my 2nd season of Jupiter, so I have some experience on these babies, and to me, they are great ensemble horns, just.... Not so strong on the individual level.
  12. There is that DCI parade in Indy on the day of finals. I mean, maybe that could be moved to earlier, like before quarterfinals? I'm just throwing out ideas.
  13. Very true. You never know though. I mean, I never thought I'd find time to work on a piece for I&E, but it worked out! Maybe they are picked at the start of the season and given music to work on throughout tour? Not sure...