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  1. Haven't been on this board in a bit so I'm late to this thread. 1994 obviously brings fond memories for me. I was an age-out rookie that landed my spot late in the pre-season. I savored every minute of it. One of things I remember most is how much love we got early in the season. BD did a rare east coast swing early in the season and the crowds were stoked. It was great. The other great memory was the Pavilion show. The new unis weren't ready yet so I got to wear the SuperSuit just that once. It was great to be part of a first class organization and even though we domina
  2. I try to keep a very basic approach to watching a drum corps show these days. I really don't care much about theme and all that. I never read the little blurbs the corps' put out that "explain" the show. I either like what I'm seeing and hearing, or I don't. That's it.
  3. Previous posts have hit all the main factors. Staff continuity on and off the field. Destination corps leads to top talent. BD gets members from every other corps, almost no one leaves BD to go somewhere else. Cappy hit on a key point I can attest to personally, and it's the quality of the tour experience. First rate all the way and they treat members like adults. Some corps run their kids into the ground.
  4. Agreed. I know there's always the "you never know" crowd, but all signs point to a Blue vs. Bloo battle for gold.
  5. One of my favorite "new ending" stories is what Star did in 1991. It wasn't finals week, but sometime in August they decided to change the closing sets. They literally separated the corps into groups and told them to run around as much as they could as long as they hit their final set, which was the cross. They did a million run throughs trying to get it right before they got it.
  6. This. Their demand level is off the charts compared to other drumlines. ScoJo would have several more Sanford’s if he were willing to break out the hose more often.
  7. Indeed. BD needs to come out of the GE and Visual captions with lead of at least .2 to have a shot imo. Gotta hope Brass will close the gap significantly.
  8. They have a shot at gold if they can pull that off.
  9. I'm assuming they'll make significant changes to the closer, specifically after the company front. Visually, everything from then on, besides building the circles, is a mess.
  10. I'm old school and I have my issues with the WGI feel of DCI these days. Still bothers me seeing drummers dancing around. But, I've adjusted and I enjoy the shows and respect what the kids are doing out there. Parity is what's driving the activity these days in my opinion. For 20+ years it was the "Cadevaliers" and no one else winning every year, sans the two times PR won. If SCV brings it home that'll make 5 different champions in 7 years. That's great for the activity.
  11. Yeah, seems to me actually being to hear the show would indeed be a significant factor in determining your level of enjoyment. The music is by far what carries the show.
  12. Not sure about legendary, but it will certainly be significant as the first outright title for SCV in almost 30 years.