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  1. I mean, BD was founded in 1957. Unless that's a joke and it whooshed over me, or if people don't actually consider 1957 the founding year for the corps.
  2. I reckon that's because it would mostly be a wildly demeaning show about attention-starved college girls during spring break stripping over tone deaf ###### music created by Waka Flocka Flame. As far as retreat goes, I can understand why the Cadets still follow the old traditions. But retreats have changed drastically over the past few decades, and every corps but the Cadets have adapted to new traditions over all of that time. If the Cadets still want to hold a militarily rigid demeanor during retreat in 2016 and beyond, then the staff, members, and supporters had better be prepared for crit
  3. Yeah, I feel like the conversation about the future of Phantom's design has become totally derailed by people who are just angry with each other. If you loved Phantom this year, and if you've loved them for the past five years, that's awesome. Personally, I've had mixed feelings about their shows over the past several years. They appeal to my tastes as someone who fell in love with DCI in the early-mid 2000s, but I feel like corps all around them are leaving them in the dust in terms of innovation. Objectively, that is not an approach that's working for them competitively. If you have been t
  4. Yeah, I kind of think that's asking quite a lot. I hope next season will be the year Phantom finally realizes that they have all of the talent in the world and shows that are stuck in last decade. It's not a slam on them, I just don't think they're going to get out of the middle unless they really start putting together legitimately competitive shows for this age of DCI.
  5. People have been saying "within five years" for the past decade.
  6. I hate to bump this after a month away, but it looks like the general atmosphere is that they basically have no way to distribute the performances legally? That's a #### shame. There have been some legendary DCA performances over the past decade+, and I would love to be able to watch them again.
  7. That's fair. A lot of people thought BD 08 was dreadfully boring, but I couldn't get enough of it. Hell, people think BD is boring every year. That's a matter of opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own. That's the nature of the game when you're involved in an activity that is literally being scored based on judgement. That said, I don't think Phantom is being judged based on that. I obviously have no idea what's going on in the minds of the judges, but I think a lot of this is about landscape. Phantom is clearly not scoring as highly as they'd want this year. Opinions on a show's enter
  8. Oh, I know you weren't. I was just making an observation about how much the landscape has changed. I'm glad the judges are only taking the present into account. BK has a very modern show. I think it's more in-tune with what this era of DCI is expecting. Phantom still has something very enjoyable, but it's definitely something you'd expect to hear in 2010, instead of 2016. That's not a slam on Phantom at all, for anyone who might get angry at that statement. I first fell in love with DCI in 2004, so Phantom is actually playing something more along the lines of what I was used to. While I ce
  9. Guess it depends on how you're looking at it. Both corps have sounded pretty good this year. BK has a pretty killer drumline with one of the best books in DCI this year, and a nice hornline. Historically, yeah. Pretty shocking. I have always loved the sound of BK's brass, even when they were at the bottom of the pile in finals. They're executing really well right now.
  10. One of the better shows over the past decade. Great music in terms of listenability and how theme appropriate it was, very good drill, and just so exciting to watch. Especially live. That was also a pretty remarkable drumline. I still desperately miss those FMA fold uniforms, too.
  11. I think I hate the gauntlets, but I won't be able to tell until the corps is in uniform proper and/or on the field. A red or (preferably in this case) black plume would go a long way to completing the uniform from top to bottom, but I understand the need to accent the top of the uniform. Pretty good uniform overall. Nice traditional flavor mixed in with the modern era. These are still my favorite, though.
  12. Crown's move-in site is about an hour from where I live, so I've been heading over that way after work to catch ensemble rehearsals. I've been there four or five times since move-ins started. The show, from what I've seen and heard, has a western theme with a large array of music to incorporate into the theme of a wagon that won't be stopped. It's pretty cool. Seems like the hardest design aspect of the show (in terms of coordination) is working drill around the various props they have at certain points in the show, as well as making sure the wagon is where it's supposed to be. Brass sounds
  13. Are there any options at all for watching DCA online? It kills me that the FN was killed across DCI/WGI/DCA. At least WGI has implemented WGIZone on youtube. Has DCA done anything to allow people to legally watch online?
  14. Because I, unlike their design team, was not present. Had I been, I certainly would have raised my hand and said, "you know what, guys..."