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  1. Great show but I'm kinda tired of all the mosh-pit endings. Way overdone this year and in recent years.
  2. The drill for the Troopers show seems unnecessarily difficult and demanding for the members, imo.
  3. That closer is so cool and they are really selling it. I'm so conflicted with the Mandarins / Madison race this year!!
  4. Colts have a safer program than the past few years design-wise, but it's still beautiful and flows extremely well!
  5. That California Dreamin' opener is giving me flashbacks to when we used that chart as a parade tune...
  6. I don't get that random dance break. Seems out of place and definitely not-groovy.
  7. Me too. And formal hornline warm-ups. I really liked when the Cavaliers used to do that.
  8. Agreed. Seems sudden and still incomplete. Not enough musical or visual oomph.
  9. Picking up Sacktig was great for Crown. Best drill program they've had in years, easily.
  10. Crown moves really well this year. Ensemble visual looks strong too. Love the unis!