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  1. Has anyone seen a list of mini-corps who will be competing at DCA this year? Application deadline was August 1; I thought there would be a list by now.
  2. I just can't resist. Wow; epic game of intellectual one-upmanship. Since everyone gets to express their opinion, here's mine: In drum corps, like elsewhere, it's adapt or die. You can complain, but drum corps is going to continue to change. It has to. Yes, I loved G bugles - and I'm apparently older than all of you (I played in 68 - 69). I love the Sr. Corps of the 50s and 60s. And the great soloists who came out of that era. G bugles sound different than B flat because they have a larger bore - and more conical, so they are inherently louder. It's like an outside instrument vs
  3. "In general I agree with your points (I went to my first show around 1967 and marched from '75-'82). As a "seasoned/experienced" fan, I'm willing/look forward to learning about the shows prior to the season and, while I don't necessarily go ga-ga over all the dance/body movement embodied in today's shows, I truly appreciate the talent level and there are times that I am blown away by the performances. What today's shows do, however, is tend to diminish the appreciation/enthusiasm of the casual/walkup/non-fanatic fan for the shows versus yesteryear. Your points that I emphasized lend creden
  4. The shows presented today require a lot more from the audience than in the "good old days". In the 60's (my generation) there were lots of "toe tapping" numbers and outstanding soloists who created entertainment from a crowd that, well, "knew what they liked". Today, you'd better read up on your Shakespeare, study the Corps' program notes, listen to recordings of the source materials, be up on your understanding of how judges score, understand current drum techniques, have an understanding of dance movement . . . need I go on? I have to study today's shows on the internet to appreciate them.
  5. I marched in the 60s. I have a music background, but not a professional music background. I was away from the activity throughout the 70 - 90s and returned in the 2000s. I have watched shows live 2005 - present. I only listen to shows recorded in the 70s - 90s. The last DCI Finals recording I liked was 1999. And yes, I have purchased CDs from several finals in subsequent years. Not worth the money, or listening to (Spartacus may be the exception, although it was chopped). It's not the marching that's the problem, it's the music selection (and my favorite music is classical music). Snippe
  6. I want to thank this player for posting his solo. It is rare to have one of the performers on this site commenting about their own show. And thank you for transposing the solo to 'G'. Now I have a request: if at all possible, can you record your solo to a metronome beat and post it (without the additional electronics)? All of us old guys/wannabes want to see just how high you've set the bar. Thanks again.
  7. Oh Please. Talk about being defensive. BD is a great corps, great musicians and staff. But quite a few of us (have you noticed:) are less than enchanted with their program. I saw it once and passed up the chance to pay to see it again. Hmm. Wonder if that means anything. Again, great corps, great musicians, great staff. Program: Bleah. Or Bleuh.