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  1. Hey there DCP friends! I have one of the Commandant's Own contra bugles (2v with the 1/2 step rotor) and I am looking to trade it for a Bb marching tuba. Preference for silver Yamaha/King/Kanstul/Dynasty/System Blue. I don't need a beauty queen but a solid playable horn will be great! Contra is in great playing shape, all valve and slides move perfectly, recently had it cleaned out. Shows some signs of wear and minor dents as should be expected with a well loved contra but it is a great playing horn still. Kanstul did a great job designing these to retain a fantastic tuba sound s
  2. yep, Soundsport scoring is like 'Who's Line Is It Anyway' where the points are made up and don't matter anyway. Ratings only, and they have no bearing on the rating you may have gotten at another Soundsport show earlier in the year. Completely arbitrary to the day of the show!
  3. Erie Thunderbirds have posted a response on their pages regarding policies and youth protection.
  4. My buddy called me the night before and said he was picking me up at 7 for camp.... I didn't believe him until the knocking started on my door. It was worth it though!
  5. The procedures that were given to you for the BOA show at the dome are EXACTLY what we went through as performing corps this last summer. For spectators entering, they did not have staff enough to handle the crowd in a timely matter, and for performers and staff it was even more in depth than for spectators (I entered the stadium both ways at different times for the show) Communication between groups of security staff was also #### poor and I got very short with a supervisor at one point. Had several security staff persons telling me conflicting instructions and not relenting, despite havin
  6. Incorrect. Kilts, Tradition, and Erie are all competing on the field with G Bugles still.
  7. Alright, this is going to be fun. Can't wait to see the new Ignition in action!
  8. Tradition is mixed - mostly Kanstul but still some Dynasty. All 3v, all in G.
  9. Don't know about live, but they sound muddy compared to normal bass drum on the stream
  10. Brass was scary for a half second in that acapella section, but the rest has been pretty solid. The intensity and drive of this show is a big step up