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  1. We are extremely excited to be heading back out to the States in 2020. One of the main reasons why we are unable to participate in the DCA World Championships is actually due to the school term starting the week before when it normally starts the Monday/Tuesday after. This would have a massive impact on the tour especially with the amount of students and also teachers we have involved in the corps. Added to this, we already have the members who are in school to request a couple of days off for DCE Championships for each year so I feel a week added on would be what we potentially call...taking the ####! A side from all that we are really looking forward to experiencing DCI and looking forward to debuting on the circuit next summer. Allentown was mentioned earlier and I do believe its our intention to be there on one of the nights. More details will be available soon. Keep an eye on for more information.
  2. Not DCI but, for Kidsgrove Scouts' 100th Anniversary we did our first USA Tour to DCA. Next year will be our 5th USA Tour (110th year) and we'll be at DCI instead.
  3. I'm glad you're all as excited as we are! I can't spill too many beans so far but I can clear up a couple of things from my knowledge and understanding...don't quote on me for the truth though. As far as I am aware we will be in the International Class and will compete against the Open Class Corps in Finals week. We will be judged on the same sheets as them and will receive a placing amongst them. The only thing we can not do is take the title but could take the placing up top, of course I'm an optimist to how well we'll do. Then we will join the rest of the Open Class Corps down in Indianapolis for the World Class Finals and same again will be on same sheets and will receive a placement. However before all that we are going to be there for 2 weeks and we're in discussions with DCI about shows we can attend etc. Of course as soon as we're able to we'll share with you where you'll be able to come and see us as I appreciate not everyone will be able to make the journey over to Indy. Plus there might be opportunities for our DCA Fans, who we appreciate more than you can imagine to still come and see us when we're out there. As for the question regarding the Drum Major title, our DM at the time Kerrie won it both in 2015 and 2017. However she is no longer with the corps, and this year we have a new Drum Major in place who has been with the corps many years and marched Madison for three years, he also happens to be my best mate so and I couldn't think of anyone more fitting for the role. He really does embody everything it is to be a Kidsgrove Scout. @Bluzes - DCA at the Docks! Long story short, I remember getting to our hotel and having 30 minutes to get ready to leave for the performance and I ended up burning a hole into my bibbers! Luckily no one noticed and it was sorted for Prelims! But we really did love doing that performance....heres the video.
  4. We are extremely excited to announce that we will be crossing the pond in 2020 to the Drum Corps International World Championships! Looking forward to seeing you all out there! Closer to the time we will announce further details on where you will be able to see us perform. Cheers!
  5. We will be returning to Passaic County Technical Institute which we have used in previous tours. We will be there from 23rd-25th August. Passaic County Technical Institute 45 Reinhardt Road Wayne, NJ 07470 Hope to see as many of you there as possible! Keep an eye on our Facebook for more details -
  6. Hi all, Hope you are all well! In just two weeks time we will be departing the UK to cross the pond to join you guys in the States! As you can imagine we are all extremely excited to be making the journey over and we can't wait to perform for you guys. So this is our 4th tour to the States and once again we have one of the largest touring parties with members, staff and their family and friends making the journey over. We will be arriving on the 21st August into JFK. The corps will enjoy a free day in NYC before getting down to business for a solid three day rehearsal stretch before heading to Reading for our first show. As you will all know this is our first time to this show after previously performing at Bridgeport and Pennsauken. We're really looking forward to it and hope to see as many of you there as possible and of course over to Rochester for Finals where we have our largest entry to date for I&E! Just curious to who will be at the Reading show? If you are interested we have a souvies booth which will be set up and ran by some of Kidsgrove's longest serving members including our Group President John Swindells and his brother David. They are still heavily involved in the on going Scouting activities which are ran out of our Headquarters. John has been involved in Scouting for about 63 years! Just another fun fact for you all... we've worked out that there are 23 members which have taken part in all 4 tours... including myself! Make sure to like our Facebook page and keep an eye out on there as we will be releasing all the details for rehearsal sites etc, you are all more than welcome to come and watch us any time! We don't close any doors! See you all soon!
  7. Cheers! We're feeling as ready as ever to give the crowd something to enjoy.
  8. Might be worth keeping your eyes out on our social media this weekend ;)
  9. We are proud to announce an extremely exciting new partnership between ourselves and FJM — Fred J. Miller Inc. The corps will be wearing uniforms exclusively designed by the world class designer Michael Cesario. These will be making their debut at the first DCUK : Drum Corps United Kingdom show of the season in Barnsley on the 18th June. Our Corps Director Rob Swindells commented, "After speaking to David Gibbs at the end of 2016 he put me into contact with Mark Miller at FJM. Mark has been fantastic and has been the greatest help to making this dream become a reality. Michael has designed something that has a brilliant blend of both traditional and contemporary elements whilst still ensuring it is identifiable as the Kidsgrove Scouts. We are very proud to be wearing a Cesario Exclusive and are really excited to debut the new uniform at the start of our 2017 season." #KS17 #MontaguesandCapulets #FJM
  10. Well... there goes my announcement!
  11. In 100 days time we will be crossing the pond to the United States of America for our 4th tour! Previously we have travelled over in 2010, 2012 and 2015 which created many special memories that we treasure dearly. This summer we will be once again competing on the Drum Corps Associates circuit which will include performing at a show in Reading, PA before heading up to Rochester, NY for the DCA World Championships. We look forward to seeing everyone out in the States and we hope you enjoy our 2017 production entitled Montagues & Capulets!
  12. Yeah we all know Pianoman sucked, but I wouldn't of changed it for the world. That season was just as much of the story as last year was and if that year hadn't planned out the way it didn't then the changes that came in places after might not of happened! Thus no change in the staff line up etc. Everything happens for a reason, our adversity that year would lead on the create something beautiful in the following years after. For 2017, I'm looking forward to seeing the corps grow and as a proud alumnus I will stand by them in whatever path they take following on from a great 2016 season. Yes, I am biased as hell but I have heard some exceptionally great things from the winter preparations and the new uniform is the cherry on the cake.
  13. I've enjoyed both our trips to Rochester but in 2012 it was nice to experience things in Annapolis so I'm sure a move of championship venue will come with its pros and cons of course which we may or may not experience first hand for ourselves. Regardless of where it gets held, its the crowd that makes it what it is and I hope people still travel out to attend finals even if it means an expense to them!
  14. It was an absolute pleasure getting to watch him perform that solo, he literally nailed it every performance at rehearsals at at the shows! Very talented lad and a great asset to BD. I got to meet him this summer, I knew his twin brother before from when I marched as he came to camps in a trainee spot. I'm very sure he will fully remember his roots and is grateful for the experiences he had at Academy. All the best to him!