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  1. I am really proud of the corps this year. I hope they have a great performance at the Alamodome tomorrow, and continue to grow!
  2. So pictures are up from last night's uniform run through, the corps is wearing the traditional looking uniform with thematic touches on the gauntlets and shakes! Best of luck tonight in Allentown Surf!
  3. That was from the annual We the People Memorial Day Flag Dedication. In recent history, the corps has worn the dress uniform for this (out of respect for the Veterans) and then sees the show costumes after and wears them at spring training
  4. I for one am excited to see what surf has planned for this year. I have heard good things from friends still in the corps from when I marched
  5. Hey all, I am looking for a Conn Helleberg 120s tuba mouthpiece. I don't care if it is new or used, but I need one for corps this year. I have some mouthpieces I would be willing to trade to get one. Let me know, and thanks in advance!
  6. I don't know if anyone saw on facebook, but Spirit of Atlanta will be using Kanstul horns
  7. Contact bushwackers. I know they rent out horns in the fall
  8. I know that many people will probably hate me for this, but I actually don't care. Remember the overwhelmingly negative reaction crown's uniform got? How did that turn out? I may be remembering it wrong, but all I am saying is let's give it a chance. If it doesn't work, it can always be rescinded at the next rules congress
  9. When I think iconic songs, these are the ones that come to mind for me: Blue Devils: when a man loves a woman Spirit of Atlanta: Georgia on my mind Jersey surf: pure imagination
  10. Out of sheer curiosity, could someone PM some info on how to find George's Resignation Letter? I am greatly curious about it, and I can't seem to find it
  11. One of our techs at Surf this past summer marched a total of 7 years. 2 at crossmen. 5 at bd, aging out in 20111
  12. Thanks for the advice Frank. I appreciate the advice, and I believe I know what I will do!
  13. I am keeping a countdown at home! I can't wait to be there!