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  1. If this is true then it pretty much confirms boston's 09 show was explicitly about sex. Otherwise what could be perverted about an old guy complimenting them on their show if its just an innocent allusion to original sin or something like that.
  2. Nice! I love their taco seasoning blend, I use it all the time
  3. Honestly, it was over for drum corps the day they stopped using single valve horns and follow the leader drill
  4. We actually joked about the old geezers who post here on dcp and how out of touch they were when I marched. Granted this was ten years ago I have no idea what dcp's reputation among current members are these days
  5. Well then let me clear the air by saying I mean no disrespect to marching members when I criticize the use of electronics in drum corps. People here are saying that financials for DCI are doing great and participation is high so whatever they're doing is working.
  6. I didnt realise marching members had any say in show design, thanks for enlightening me
  7. Why would current marchers feel disrespected about people criticizing the decisions of corps directors and show writers? Ridiculous
  8. What you are actually arguing for in this post is for people to stop being so critical, just sit back and relax. Any changes DCI makes is good automatically because DCI is all knowing. What's the point of a discussion forum in the first place if we follow this logic. Imagine where we would be in other fields like medicine or infrastructure if everyone shared your views.
  9. I urge you to watch the documentary "Why beauty matters" by Roger Scruton. Art and music have been under attack for decades. This is why you dont understand what you are seeing when you visit the Art Institute of Chicago. I am fairly sure that modern "art" is nothing more than a money laundering scheme.
  10. Nothing. This is a free country afterall and if you want to hold prole-tier opinions about art then by all means go ahead just dont drag the rest of us down with you Judgments of beauty are neither subjective nor arbitrary, and are a necessary part of practical reasoning in any attempt to harmonise our activities and ways of life with those of our neighbours
  11. Just fyi this is the same logic art snobs use when they put a toilet in an art gallery. My point is that good taste isnt as subjective as you think
  12. This. GE is such a ########/subjective category.
  13. Until someone addresses the article I posted and the fact that women face practically zero legal ramifications for falsely accusing men of rape I'm not going to change my opinion. I'm sorry for the personal derogatory comments, I dont mean to insult anyone on this forum though it feels like people have no problem insulting me for holding an opinion
  14. I tried again to find something on Google and got this article instead. Unless you think thehill is some rape apologist rag. "Right now, accusers who lie about sexual abuse are criminally liable for filing a false report and perjury, as well as civil sanctions for defamation, but legal consequences rarely occur." legally speaking women have little to nothing to lose by falsely accusing a man of rape