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  1. dgard

    Need To Buy G Alto Bugle

    have kanstul 3 valve mellophone for sale $350 plus shipping located in catskill new York.
  2. dgard

    Wanted: 3 valve G bugles

    I have a 3 valve knastul g soprano power bore price is $500 plus shipping from catskill new york
  3. dgard

    g horns for sale

    I have 1 power bore 3 valve kanstul for sale with soft case $500 1 kanstul 3 valve mellophone with hard case $350.00 buyer to pay shipping. both horns in good shape.
  4. dgard

    WTB/WTT; 3-valve G Mellophone.

    yes I do
  5. dgard

    WTB/WTT; 3-valve G Mellophone.

    yes it is
  6. dgard

    WTB/WTT; 3-valve G Mellophone.

    I have a 3 vavle deg mellophone in good shape for sale $350.00
  7. nothing like playing with the cabs. see you at the open house.