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  1. Of all of the lower tier corps mentioned in this list. There are 2 elements to this discussion. 1. Whom ever retains the most members and improves overall talent will move up. 2. Which design team provides a better design. I like OC's chances of moving up a little more. They were better than the prior year show design and performance. And most of their design staff was new to OC last year and they had issues with color guard staff as well into early June. If the design team stays together and become better aligned, this will help OC. But, they need to improve their talent level and fo
  2. So far, top 12 has been entertaining for the most part. I think Cavies seemed to kick it up a notch compared to Madison and Phantom.
  3. Great topic and one I have often thought about. What is the driving motivation for a MM to pay $3000 to march at any drum corps? Win, develop skills to go to a top 12, 0r 5 corps, or have an educational experience??? With my latest experience being in the Pacific NW, I realize it is very difficult, if not impossible to lead a corps in the NW to the top 12 without a huge influx of cash. That being said...... Can a corps like Oregon Crusaders or the Cascades ever reach the top 12? (again in Cascades case, 2002 12th) I believe it is possible, but it takes a couple of things. Strong manage
  4. I still believe there is enough material in Hindemith's Symphony in B-Flat
  5. Heard that OC drum line had a problem at this show. Sounds like the center snare fell off a podium or something just before the drum feature in the closer. The snare line did quite come in after that which impacted the tenors entrance as well. I assume the center snare is OK. Sounds like it impacted the scores some for OC. But, I wasn't there so I don't know for sure what happened. I hope they are all OK and ready for today. Today is a new day. Pull up your boot straps and march on!
  6. I will continue to praise the OC guard for their improvement week to week. You are making a difference and the harder you work the better you get. Keep on pushing to the end and no matter what happens on Aug. 7th, you have had a wonderful improvement this summer and no one can take that away from you. All I would ask, is that you come back next year and move forward from the level you end at this summer. If you all stick together, you can drive this corps forward. Also, I hope the staff learns from this year and continues to drive this corps book forward as well. It feels like a nice imp
  7. Yes, the Columbians existed years ago. I believe it was 1955-1975.
  8. I only use the app for live streaming. Which works great with my apply TV.
  9. I totally agree, the NW is growing I would almost say too fast, but for the kids who cannot afford a national tour, there are options. I hope the Columbians take their time before they go to Indy. (Assuming that is a goal of theirs anyway). Once you commit to the national Tour, you must have the means to pay for it. It seems they have a good starting point with an older Alumni group from the past.
  10. Very proud of this NW corps. I hope they continue to build momentum. The show is entertaining and I expect to make Semi-finals this year. Great job Cascades.
  11. What's interesting to me, is that all of the scores from say 15 and up are getting higher for the most part. Mand. and OC are holding steady at 69.x and tied for over a week. I don't mind the tie, but I do mind that we all see they are improving, but no score increases for about 4 shows? That's just wrong. One of the tightest races will be 16-20 when you add in the OC corps. it should be interesting come finals week.
  12. As I watched the SA Regional the other day, I was very excited to see how much the OC Guard has improved. OC Guard, Congrats on the amount of work you are putting into this summer. It is paying off. You have made great strides in the last month. It is being noticed and you should all be proud. Keep it up. As I said once before, The guard will determine how well the overall corps does this year. Work hard, have fun and please come back next year if you can. You are building a unit that if given the chance, can do wonderful things. Have faith and trust one another. Above anything e
  13. OC should be used to the heat, it was over 90 for all of late June and Early July here in the Pacific NW. What's another 5 degrees. LOL