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  1. I'll let the picture do the talking...
  2. Travis Peterman and Andrew Monteiro join the percussion design team for the 2016 BushwackersOctober 13, 2015 The Bushwackers are pleased to announce Travis Peterman as the battery arranger and percussion caption supervisor for the 2016 edition of the Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps. In addition, Andrew Monteiro will be the front ensemble arranger. “With Travis and Andrew on the design team, the Bushwackers are set to bring an exciting program to DCA, our audiences, and percussion fans everywhere. Travis’s programs are uniquely innovative, and with the pair’s artistic contributions, I expect a very special show design for our 35th anniversary year,” said Harlan Landes, interim corps director.Travis has been serving as the caption supervisor and arranger for Cadets Winter Percussion based in Allentown, Pennsylvania since 2014, and will be adding the role of program coordinator at CWP for the 2016 indoor season. Recently, Travis instructed the snare section at Fort Mill, South Carolina’s Carolina Crown, and will also be returning to Crown in 2016 while maintaining his roles with the Bushwackers. Travis was born in Newark, Delaware and has studied under many accomplished percussionists including Tom Aungst, Tim Jackson, Jim Ancona, Joel Hilbert, Tim Fairbanks, Brian Stockard, Darick Kelly, Rich Hammond, and Chris Feist. He is an active adjudicator with USBands and was a member of the first WGI percussion ensemble to be featured at PASIC, Rhythm X in 2012. Andrew has been the front ensemble caption supervisor for the Cadets2 2012, 2013, and 2014 seasons, and joined the front ensemble staff for the Cadets in 2015. He has worked with Travis at Cadets Winter Percussion as the front ensemble caption head and arranger from 2014 through 2016. Sign up now to attend the 2016 Bushwackers Open House and Membership Day. Learn more about the 2016 Bushwackers. Join the 2016 Bushwackers Percussion Interest Group on Facebook. Read more about Travis Peterman and Andrew Monteiro. Travis Peterman Andrew Monteiro
  3. The Bushwackers and Sunrisers Drum & Bugle Corps need your help as they “Race to Rochester” For over 34 years, these two storied Drum Corps have battled it out on the field. Both Corps have won six World Championships. Both Corps have hard working, passionate, and dedicated members whose blood sweat and tears bleed their Corps colors. Both Corps have spent countless weekends entertaining thousands while representing their proud Alumni who once battled themselves under the August sun. As both Corps enter the week of the 2015 DCA World Championships, the RACE IS ON to ROCHESTER! Beginning on Monday August 31st through Friday September 4th, the Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps and the Sunrisers Drum & Bugle Corps will be waging a different battle off the field. In this head-to-head fundraising challenge, both Corps are calling on all Alumni, Family, Friends, and Supporters to see who will raise the most money. “This is a great opportunity to take a freshly renewed rivalry off the field and straight to the fans” said Bushwackers Corps Director Bob Glover. “Both Corps have made great strides over the past couple of years, and this is a chance to see who has the best fans and supporters in DCA. Whoever comes out on top, it’s the members of the Corps who win in the end. Sorry Sun, but that dust you see in front of you is magenta and blue!” Due to the required hotel and travel costs skyrocketing in 2015, both the Bushwackers and Sunrisers will be using all donations to offset their travel and housing costs as the head to the DCA World Championships in Rochester, NY this coming weekend. Both organizations are non-profit 501©(3) charitable organizations and can provide tax-deductible documentation for all donations received. “The Sunrisers and Bushwackers have been fierce competitors since the early 1980’s.” said Sunrisers Assistant Director/Business Manager David Hobart. “While both Corps share the same mission and goals on and off the field, I am certain the Sunrisers have the advantage when it comes to fan and alumni support. I know that the Sun will be rising in Princeton all week long…and I would advise them to never look directly into the Sun!” Please visit the following to support your Corps. Make sure to watch the Twitter and Facebook pages for both corps as there will be Daily updates. To help the Bushwackers win the race, go to: To help the Sunrisers win the race, go to: Who will win the “RACE TO ROCHESTER”? It’s up to our friends, fans, and alumni!
  4. At Clifton Stadium in 2 days - 80 degrees, clear skies, 14 Corps, 6 World Champions - 1 name emerges victorious from this all-out drum corps brawl. Online tickets are available until Friday at 5pm, then you will have to get them at the gate. ***All Held Group Tickets Now Available to the a General Public*** so there are still amazing seats left. Check out Make your way to Clifton NJ on Saturday for the biggest DCA show of the year. It's going to be a GREAT day of Drum Corps AND Alan Chez and the Brothers of Funk!! Schedule of Events: 2:00pm Ticket Booth & Concessions Open 3:30pm Saints Brigade 3:47pm Reilly's Raiders 4:04pm Skyliners Alumni 4:21pm Caballeros Alumni 5:00pm Al Chez & the Brothers of Funk Big Band 6:20pm Nat. Anth. & Judges Introduction 6:30pm Excelsior 6:47pm Skyliners 7:04pm Sunrisers 7:21pm Hurricanes 7:38pm White Sabers 7:55pm INTERMISSION with Al Chez 8:25pm Cadets2 8:42pm Caballeros 8:59pm Fusion 9:16pm Buccaneers 9:33pm Bushwackers 9:50pm HOF Induction 10:00pm Scores and Awards (Drum Major Only) Tickets are on sale at or call (866) 973-9610 and press option #4
  5. A WAR IS COMING TO CLIFTON STADIUM THIS SATURDAY! Will this be the weekend that there is a change at the top of DCA? Will the Caballeros catch the Buccaneers? Will Cadets2 solidify their placement in the top 4 or will Fusion Core reclaim the advantage? Don't forget the White Sabers are right on their heels. What will happen between the Bushwackers, Sunrisers, and Hurricanes? TICKETS ARE STILL ON SALE, do not wait for the long line at the box office. This is the DCA show OF THE YEAR! Take advantage of seats on the 50 with guaranteed parking, meal voucher, and gift bag by purchasing a couple VIP tickets. All seats held for group seating have been released to the general public, so GREAT seats are still available. Purchase now and tickets will be held at the will call window when you arrive. Click on the link below.
  6. The DCA competition is really heating up this summer! The Cadets2 are less than one tenth of a point behind the Hawthorne Caballeros! Can C2 overtake them, or will the Cabs pull ahead and start racing towards the Reading Buccaneers Drum & Bugle Corps? The White Sabers Drum and Bugle Corps has jumped into 4th place in the rankings are now ahead of the Fusion Drum and Bugle Core. Will they continue their climb up the ladder, or can Fusion regain their placement? And the Atlanta CV Drum and Bugle Corps jumped 11 points and already broke a score of 80, while the Sunrisers Drum & Bugle Corps is less than 4 tenths behind them. What an accomplishment for both of these corps as they are having some of their best season in recent years. Who knows how all of this will turn out, but one thing for sure is that it makes for one Exciting drum corps competition. Come check them all out on August 22nd at the biggest drum corps show of the regular season! Check out
  7. Depending on where you are in Virginia, the Bushwackers are quite possibly the closest corps to you. And we have quite a few people that travel up from Maryland so you will be able to car pool as well. Please check out our Open House page which will give you a good intro to what the corps is all about at:

    Also send a message to membership@bushwa...

  8. Looking forward to this great event coming up this Sunday. Stop on by and join in the fun!
  9. We don’t think a proper debate can occur on a public forum such as this, and therefore will respectfully not affirm or deny any allegations made by the creditor or others on DCP. That is for the lawyers and courts, or at least a discussion elsewhere. The point of this thread is that a 30-year old corps needs help and is asking the public for the first time in its history. Many have already stepped in and offered what they could, and we are hoping that others follow suit. What we ask is that this thread stay on course with its original intent of asking people for donations. The more people donate, the more it helps save the corps, and the quicker it gets the creditor paid.
  10. The cost of DCA championships is paid directly by the members and separate from the normal tuition - ie. hotel, bus, and food costs. This is how it is for most DCA corps and is different than the DCI model. By not going to DCA champs, the corps would be in exactly the same financial position it is in now. This situation was caused by the creditor demanding the entire balance be paid back now rather than working towards a payment plan over time that would fit with what the corps could afford.
  11. I hope the DCP moderators will allow this post here. Although the Bushwackers are not a DCI corps, they are still a drum corps, and in a situation like this, the financial world makes no differentiation between divisions. How many stories have we read after a drum corps went down and said to ourselves - "If I knew about this earlier, I could have helped"? Well here is your chance to be part of the solution and save this corps before it's too late!! *** Please help with whatever you can - no amount is too small ***