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  1. Standrews

    Uh Uh Oh Oh Cadets

    Which makes Jim eternally grateful!
  2. Standrews

    Cavies are in trouble

    First line of narration in Academy show is Russell Crowe reciting a line from "A Beautiful Mind" in which he played John Nash. Love that movie.
  3. Standrews

    Carolina Crown 2018

    "If I Fell". All female section soli. That's how to treat your ladies! Nice job!
  4. All those sick kids could probably benefit from a day or two at the Jersey Shore.
  5. Standrews

    Standings as of now DCA

    Nice to see you Saturday. Memorial is tomorrow in Bayonne. Say a prayer for a great one. Talent that will never be seen again.
  6. Standrews

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018
  7. Standrews

  8. Standrews

    Sign the Petition

    Read you DCP archives. Was covered at length a while back.
  9. Standrews

    Sign the Petition

    That's not true.
  10. Standrews

    Sign the Petition

    "There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know." Keep fighting the "good fight", Terri.
  11. Standrews


    After I saw you tonight, Fran, I ran into a couple of brothers from the City Mission Cadet Corps "Warriors". My contemporaries. Told me of plans to send a mini corps to Williamsport next year. I asked them where i could send a donation. Dogs and a soft drink on me if I make Reading.
  12. Standrews


    Hey Jay, members didn't tell me that. Were just less than enthusiastic about traveling to Williamsport to compete against three corps and voiced disappointment about not being able to compete against Reading at a much closer show.
  13. Standrews


    On August 8, 2017 at 6:39 AM, Fran Haring said: Gives the Sabers another chance to go head to head with the top of the pack. Or, as I see it, the whole pack. AoE
  14. Standrews


    Members told me they're having a weekend camp. So no weekend off. I'm familiar with the logistics. Seems they should be able to do both. Benefits of their home base and show location.