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  1. For those that don't know, all the rifle work in the drum solo was written first (By Karl Lowe), well before any music. John Campese watched Karl go through the rifle work, and then wrote the drum solo to match it.
  2. No, I suggested "The Charlottans"... (Charlatans)
  3. I would just like to say that seeing the words "Finals" and "Hotel" in the same sentence short-circuited more than a few of my remaining neurons...
  4. I don't like responding to rumors, but just going to throw this out there: If this rule had been in place in 1990, the 1990 DCI Div. II World Champion would not have been allowed to compete.
  5. I hope the OP doesn't mind, but I'm using this as a template, as well as a couple key phrases, for a possible real rules change proposal. It has nothing to do with uniforms though!
  6. In 1993, Carolina Crown placed 21st overall, but 12th in brass performance. In the technique sub caption on that sheet, they were tied for 7th with SCV
  7. Yes folks, if you know who Mr. Kimber is, you would not be so quick to dismiss his opinion and observation on the sound of drumcorps coming through some of the sound systems currently in use. If I remember correctly, he came up with a special way to wind cables to shield them from almost any induced noise around them, allowing for much clearer recording and playback. Electronic sound is the man's business.
  8. Wow, I haven't seen the name "Notabando" since back when I was thin and had hair...
  9. There's a difference between discussion and actively digging for dirt just to satisfy one's need for a scandal. Which is it you are after? Everything you've written indicates the latter. People on this forum have indeed crossed over the line into libel/slander in the past. I respect and trust Tommy far too much to sit idly by and watch people try to do it to him. I agree, except for the last sentence. I've seen people here go out of their way to be mean.
  10. Let's try it this way: He made public what he wanted public. Anyone other than Tommy or the BoD has no reason to know any more than that. In other words, anything other than what he chose to share is his business. It is not the function of any third party to make uneducated guesses, especially ones that could damage the reputation or image of either party involved. I will point out something I pointed out around this time last year when someone came after me on this forum, someone not involved, with no real information on the subject: These are real human beings you are talking about