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  1. Thank you for bringing up an important question quite professionally. For my entire life and in the four different cities I have lived, each fairy progressive, the words "wrong side of the tracks" has extremely elitist meanings. If said at my work, church, etc. eye brows would raise and people would assume you were racist. Professionally, I would expect to be reprimanded and possibly let go. I find it curious that I have such strong reactions to this and would have thought it was a fairly universally-shared reaction. Maybe not. Like you, I am sure Cavies meant no harm. Just not sure they did a
  2. They have gotten the same basic draw at their big home show in ATL. I think it could hurt them if the other groups in their block change and improve and they do not. There really seems to be a lot of talent on that baby blue field, but alas, the show suffers from so many similar issues as last year. JW seemed to blow off theirrmore showy productions and stated that they were going to be more introspective this go 'round. . Well, he delivered just that, with barley a crack in the door for us to be able to look in and participate in the experience along with the members. I do enjoy more moments
  3. I went with Phantom because it is so darned elligant and perfect for their show. The ballad itteration is wonderful as well.
  4. So are there plans for narration? changes to make the show accessible, beyond drill written to music? I seem to not be the only one struggling to get what they are trying to do with this show.
  5. The weather was good for a show. Pretty good stadium. It was packed. Racine Scouts: I am glad they continue to field a corps. I admit however that I want to know why there isn't a change there to improve numbers or quality. Maybe that is not the priority, and maybe that is okay. A few talented members on the field tonight giving it their all for sure. Pioneer: Is is good to see the number of members is higher this year. The show seems a bit more sophisticated than the past few years. There were a couple of coordinated moments of arrival that got applause. Drums overpower a lot. Brass se
  6. Thanks for the review. Were there good moments, big GE parts of the show that will be good for them all season? Your review seems to hold back a bit in detail. I read into your comments that you think it better than 2014, but you don't think it finals material. Accurate? Again, thanks for the review.
  7. I want to know why they cleaned house. But I don't think we will ever know. Maybe they wanted to move up faster and better and thought they knew how to or could find someone else to do that?
  8. Crazy! I had the exact same thought first time I saw their props in San Antonio.
  9. I also see the top 12 as done, with Colts having an outside shot with lots of music improvement and cleaning. It is a top twelve show overall, and I think top 8 visually. Troopers have an outside shot but would have needed to add some changes that increase depth of design. Guard writing and performance would need marked improvement. I too agree that the corps most likely to move is Spirit. Unfortunately, down. Unless they have made major changes and cleaned up a lot. Fear there is just not enough time. Think the tie with Colts last night was their bone. We'lll see how they respond.
  10. Trooper's closer All of Bluecoats Parts of Blue Knights