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    Is everyone under the consensus that DCI should SPLIT UP ALL 3 NIGHTS ONLINE, as well as offer a discounted package for bundling? Me no likey...
  2. wackywords

    New New Drums Thread?

    Top 3 for Sanford: Vanguard (would be nice for them to repeat) Cadets Blue Devils or Bluecoats
  3. wackywords

    DCI new front page

    I like the way they put the links to each corps' facebook/twitter on the pulldown menu.
  4. DCI has finally updated their website and it looks great! Check it out!
  5. wackywords

    Dream Staff...

    Man, i wish this would really happen!!!!! but it likely never will.
  6. wackywords

    Crown Percussion

    Crown might be good, depending on if they can get some good talent at auditions. I assume that Zach Schlicher isnt there anymore??
  7. wackywords

    Favorite Drum Break 2014

    Hands down: Santa Clara Vanguard. #OhTheClarity so many rhythmic changes in that snare break alone pushed it over the edge for me. Love that drumline.
  8. wackywords

    SCV 2014

    If vanguard can figure out how to really clean up some of their drill, they can push into the top 3. its gonna be tough to catch bluecoats but I think they can easily pass crown. the Jonz are giving the corps some great momentum going into finals week.
  9. wackywords

    Keepsakes from marching

    SCV gets a necklace with a washer on it that says "santa clara vanguard" and ageouts get to keep their feather (which are green of course)
  10. HamFam. You're welcome.
  11. wackywords

    SCV 2014

    I had to read it a few times but I get it!! Agreed
  12. wackywords

    Non-Drummers View

    I was close I guess lol
  13. wackywords

    Non-Drummers View

    Seems to be a general consensus that Rennick has since really good lines and I agrees. One of my favorites was actually 2001 crown. He had those guys playing some pretty clean notes. The corps was 12th that year but I wouldn't be surprised if the line was in the top 6 that year
  14. What do you think about when you are analyzing the percussion program? What kind of things WOW non-drummers in a drum corps show from a percussion standpoint? Innovation? Visuals? Notes? Discuss.
  15. wackywords

    Dallas Lake Highlands Show

    Crown is at Forney HS