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  1. I’ve driven for several different drum corps since 2004. I am a 41yo driver from Ohio. I have a class B CDL with air brake endorsement. My regular job is a bus driver for a university. I would be available from Move-Ins to the end of tour. I have driven: straight trucks, member coaches and entertainer coaches. I also have experience as a lead driver. My email is thepolarman@yahoo.com I look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Hello. I am interested in working with the transportation aspect of a drum corps. I have been involved with transportation since I was old enough to get a CDL, this will be my 16th year. I have driven for a world class drum corps so I am familiar with Drum Corps. Here is a little about my driving experience: Driving Experience *12 years driving school bus *4 years driving motor coaches *currently driving for a University in Ohio *drove for a world class drum corps from 2004-2012, lead driver 2010-2012 I welcome the chance to work for a corps. Thank you.
  3. Driver available immediately. 8 years experience driving a world class drum corps. Small vehicle driving only.
  4. I don't have many posts and thats because I don't usually post. Having said that I have to comment on the Glassmen. I have been around the Glassmen organization for a number of years and I have to say that it is suprising that the corps continues to survive. The financial situation the corps is in right now is unreal. They owe money to everyone. . . DCI and a Charter Bus Company just to name a few. If Hickman and Gang doesn't get their act togethor I don't know how the corps can survive.
  5. busboy

    Key Poulan to Glassmen

    GET RID OF BRIAN!!!!!!!!!! He is the biggest obstacle the Glassmen have. With staff such as Rob F. and Jason R. and with the addition of Key the corps could do great things, but not with a control freak such as Brian at the Helm.
  6. busboy

    Key Poulan to Glassmen

    In my opinion. . . .it is time for a MANAGEMENT change from Executive Director on down. If this organization is to survive then the board of directors need to take control of the organization.