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  1. I don't mind a critique if it is given by a panel of respected judges privately after a performance, but announcing a score seams counter productive to what the fans are trying too get our of a show. That being entertained by the talent on the field. Plus I think the fans should have the ultimate say what the outcome is. I think the best thing DCI has ever done is produce the Tour of Champions. I think it achieved the very thing that scores could never produce. Mom
  2. Why is it that you have to have a number assigned to your corps to validate your selfworth. Every individual has a unique experience each performce and most of the time it will have nothing to do with a score. I think achievement should be self realized through total engagement of the experience every day of the year not just 40 shows on tour. I can't remember the last time I ever waited to hear the scores at show. Mom
  3. Just get rid of dang numbers and pass out more root beer floats for the lame duck of g...d. Mom
  4. Yah right. You ever try to run 200 bpm in Texas this time of year with tenors on and play clean. You must be kidding me. Mom
  5. Well that's cool about your personal achievements. (I think Bobbie had problems if he had to humilate his team by forcing them to watch Star) Yes I have marched. Just Google. Mom
  6. BD and SCV have a lot of WGI cats and you can see that strong influence on the field. They just get a little freaked out about how much more they have to run compared to the basketball court. Mom
  7. Wait a minute there. Drum Corps is not a professional sport. It's just a hobby that includes extreme psychological presure to inforce repetative motion to the body and muscle memory among other thangs. Mom
  8. And if you had that happen to you say around 30 times one Summer you might not come back. Maybe? I've never talked to anyone in that position who could admit to having a great time especially if the other team was really cocky about it. Mom
  9. We'll lets say you were playing a soccer game and your team was made up of the left overs in a competitive league and you went up against the more talented players all season and were getting your (blank) kicked by huge point gaps. Most likely the official score would not be shown on the score board or other members from the dominate team would have to sit on the bench to balance the competition Mom.
  10. Maybe placements should be illiminated except on the weekends or the last week of the season to minimize the causualties. Mom
  11. Oldbandguy you should be banned from the forum for harassment. not
  12. I asked if Madison has a staff on tour out of concern for the corps in a previous thread. Unfortunately the question was mistaken as an insult and the thread was closed. That couldn't be further from the truth. I can't recall anytime on here that I have ever personally attacked a corps or fellow DCP'r. That stated it would be the moral and ethical right thing to do to reopen the thread. Toby? Warmest Regards Mom