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  1. A) BD is clean, yes. That's not the issue though. There is not anything on this year's judge sheets or the previous judge sheets that says anything about "clean". It's all about achievement. It's about can you do something that's really hard really really well? Can you connect with the audience really really well? Can you do these things better than other people can? That's what the DCI judging system is supposed to be about. That's what they're supposed to be rewarding. So if you say "this corps was cleaner, they should win", then I'm sorry, but you're missing the point. B) Point A
  2. That's not what I was told when I marched there for several years. Although, that alternative interpretation of the acronym was used as well.
  3. That what I mean. Take Boston Crusaders for example. Went from a church (Most Precious Blood) to a community (Hyde Park) to eventually an entire Metropolitan Area (Boston Area Crusaders) And now, with the departure of Cadets to PA, are the only World Class Corps in the Northeast. It would make sense that most of their members come from the Northeast, but instead a huge portion of them come from Florida now. Where do those Northeast kids go? It's all wonky now.
  4. The opener is supposed to be a representation of sand (all the performers swirling around doing movement) and then being turned into glass (big hit).
  5. I dunno. Even during the DCI era, there was a sense of East vs Midwest vs Westcoast. Not really communities, but for example, in the 90s a kid living in Ohio was much more likely to only consider marching in an Ohio corps. Very few would fly out to California to be a Blue Devil.
  6. They have filled all their holes with Teal Sound kids and should have them all in the entire show soon.
  7. Those of you seeing the show, answer me this? Are you understanding the theme in Gmen's show? The sand that becomes glass. The representation of clear glass. The representation of stained glass? Seems to me their shows have been too cryptic in the last few years.
  8. I don't get that vibe either, but what I do get from Texas band kids is "I'm not going to stay here and march div 3 or march a corps that didn't make finals when I know I can go to crown or phantom and get a spot there." Drum corps used to be about pride in your community. That has changed a lot.
  9. Glassmen have always been the runt of the litter when it comes to getting these things. Dynasty would take 2 years to replace the tubas. Jupiter can do better, but you can be sure that Phantom and Boston will get thier new horns first before Glassmen get them.
  10. I like the piece they chose for the opener, but I don't like the arrangement at all.
  11. Do they still have the Dynasty tubas or have they gotten the new Jupiters yet? They were supposed to have them by the beginning of July but I doubt it.
  12. Absolutely, but even Crossmen had troubles when they first showed up in Texas. The Bluecoats benefited greatly from doing winter camps in Texas starting in the early 2000s. I think it's safe to say that Bluecoats found a way around competing with all those midwest corps for members by recruiting and getting staff from Texas, and they wouldn't be where they are now without having made that move. Same could be said with Boston Crusaders and Florida. The corps that have been left behind are the ones that have failed to recruit at a national level. I won't name names.
  13. They need it nice and loud incase they decide to play the infinity chord card again.