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  1. Sometime back in the sixties, the Muchachos and the Caballeros led the Macy’s parade. There were others corps in the parade that year also.
  2. It sounded like it was something he did every year. Since then we’ve bought better seats and have never seen them again.
  3. There were around fifteen people back there. Eight of them were the kids he was making the balloon animals for. So there were actually nine people with balloons making noice with them.
  4. After driving 1,000 miles from Phoenix to San Antonio for Southwestern Regionals we sat in front of a guy that was making balloon animals during the entire show. The sound of air being released and the screeching sound of the animals being made drove us insane.
  5. The Regimentals last year was 1971. Most of the members had been in the corps for years and the majority reached college age at the same time. We did get to work with Hy Dreitzer that last year. The Regimentals also had a very strong winter guard program with both a girls and boys guard that competed in the LI and Garden State Circuits.
  6. The Regimentals competed in the Long Island Circuit with the Kingsmen, Wynn Center Toppers and other pretty good local corps. The 1970 Championship recording is still available. As far as different classes in the Sound of Suffolk shows, I was a kid at the time and have no idea.
  7. 1971 Sounds of Suffolk champions were the Regimentals from Farmingdale NY. Sunriser legend, Larry Visconti, spent his entire junior corps career in that corps.
  8. I know that in 1986 the Blue Knights horn line practiced in a pool at Peoria High School before the Phoenix show. Don’t know if any pictures exist.
  9. Still have two extra tickets for Desert Ridge in Phoenix. Theater looks to be almost sold out. Tickets are free. I’ll be wearing a Boston polo out front at 5:00. I hate to see them go to waste.
  10. I just received two tickets to Desert Ridge for Fathers Day. I had already purchased my tickets so the gifted tickets are extra. Since I didn’t pay for them I’ll give these away. Anyone who needs two tickets let me know. The theater looks like it was filling up last week.
  11. I still miss the old Evening With the Corps shows held at Carnegie Hall and the Felt Forum back in the day. No local corps to pull it off anymore. DCA could probably still do it somewhere in Jersey and include Surf and The Cadets.
  12. After trying to explain Drum Corps to my Arizona friends for years, I dragged them to that show. They were blown away. Some of them still attend the Academy show every year.
  13. Not too bad, off by a day after 42 years. Was it Madison’s bus that broke down in the desert or 27th’s?
  14. Madison and the 27th Lancers did a 4th of July exhibition in Phoenix.
  15. After eleven years in the Farmingdale Regimentals, I marched my last show at the World Open. Had to back to college early. Three of us stayed to watch the big guys. Ray Zamora let us stay in the Fleetwood Record Studio. Hitchhiked to Logan Airport and spent a night sleeping on the floor of the Eastern Airline Terminal. Took a bus back home the next day. Great memories.