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  1. 74,75, 76 & 78 - All prelim performances. Does playing the corps on for retreat in '76 count? We (St. John's Girls) even made the video - if you check the backfield during Madison's performance you can see us getting set up. Kelly
  2. Good thread Linda...... It's hard to pick just one favourite. I too enjoyed CNE stadium - my first Championship win in 72. Marion OH - US Open Champs 72 but besides the field there was the fact that Marion was drum corps city and always welcomed everyone with open arms. Ithica NY - beautiful stadium setting. Madison WI - not only from marching there myself but seeing my girls compete there as well. Good times. Kelly
  3. My sister marched bass and in one July 4 parade she hit a pot hole and did a complete somersault right over her drum. Staff took care of her straight away but I wasn't aware until the end of the parade although I seem to recall thinking the street beat sounded different. We were/are both short so I wouldn't have been able to see over the snare line to see who was missing and she could barely see over her drum. This might have happened the same day as the 'up close and personal' episode. Back in those days it wasn't unheard of to do two or three July 4 parades in one day - good money makers for us but it really took a toll on everyone, especially if it was hot. For the record, and to not stray off the theme of the thread, there were always lots of 'piles' to avoid in those parades. Kelly
  4. We had a very good legacy program for our guard captains and drum majors. When you became a junior DM or captain there was always a senior DM or captain to guide and counsel you on duties and expectations for the position. I was fortunate enough to have marched under some excellent DM's even before I was asked to be junior DM so the groundwork was very solid. Sadly, I still did not avoid the rookie DM mistake of caling the roll-off on a hill. Like you, it only took one time - I learned my lesson.... :)
  5. Nevermind avoiding the 'patties', what about avoiding the spectators that wanted to get up close and personal? I had that experience marching in a July 4th parade in the mid-west '75 or '76. Some gentlemen (and I use the term loosely) who had enjoyed a few 'beverages' tried to offer me a kiss on the cheek as we (St. John's Girls) were parading past their spot on the parade route. This was back in the day when marching was a very military and serious business so they couldn't understand why I wasn't smiling. When I turned around to give the signal to the drummers for the roll off to play a tune the snare line could barely contain their laughter at my embarrassment. Lots of laughs at the end of that parade.
  6. As a parent, I feel your pride in your son's achievements. I have witnessed that in both of my daughters and although I don't think I ever expressed it as eloquently as you have I have always let them know how much I love and support them. We should never, ever pass up an opportunity to tell our children when they've made us proud. Thank you for sharing this with us and congratulations to you and your son.
  7. lol.... thanks for the laugh. Good luck to everyone competing tomorrow. Congrats to all for the hard work all year long and a well earned rest when you get home. Good night all.
  8. Thanks for the clarification (I'm also Canadian so not totally fluent on the NFL team names). Makes sense to have the logo there for those reasons but it takes away from the look, if you know what I mean.
  9. I think this is the first review I've posted on any show. I'm old school but am enjoying some of what I see today....... Sorry - but I didn't comment on everyone. Surf - what can I say? I loved Bridgemen so can't help loving Jersey Surf. How will they top this show next year? Blue Devils B - LOVE your show but the guard uniforms and some of the flags disappear into the turf. See final notes Oregon Crusaders - why haven't I watched you all year? LOVE IT!!! Colts - Love the show - red plumes on the shakos do a great job of making the MM's look taller and filling out the forms - not so crazy about the guard uniforms but I'm sure there's a reason for the head gear. LOVE the dm soloist!!!! Sorry Troopers - really enjoyed you last year but I'm not a steampunk fan so don't really get your show this year Pacific Crest - nice full sound from the horn line, beautiful field coverage in the ballad - lovely flag work. Would like to see the soloists play to the crowd - not the mic. Beautiful change to the flag colours - well done!!! Academy - purple guard unitforms are ok! Need to ensure the pike things are all placed in the posting pots facing the same way..... details people!!!. LOVE the bass drum feature! Beautiful form with the shakos left in the star-like form. Beautiful flags! Nice ending. Glassmen - nice use of he drumline during the ballad. if they can't drum during that piece use them to fill out the form. Nice closer. Crossmen - awesome opener! "proof that you don't need no stinkin' microphones for the soloists"..... (quoting my hubby although I totally agree)... nice show overall Blue Stars - really like the clean lines of the uniform. nice flag feature in the opener. nice full sound from the horn line. Spirit - nice opener - love Frank! Great exchange colourguard! really good use of the grey on the uniform. Excellent flag feature. Too much naration for my taste. Blue Knights - sorry - not my thing. Madison - seriously, what's not to love? Bass drum feature in the opener - heaven! OMG!!! the beautiful closer with NO flags??? No backdrop? Really??? Come on, give me big sound and big flags!!! FINISH BIG!!! Boston - love the classic uniform. Nice rifle feature with the exchange. Big company front and it sort of fizzled. Now it's coming back - here we go. Nice ending. Cavaliers - sorry - break time Bluecoats - nice closer. SCV - colour guard is disappearing into the turf in the wide angle view. Up close the uniforms look like pajamas. Doesn't take away from the beautifully executed work however. Horn line has the nice full sound expected from SCV. And the symbol line is as awesome as ever. Simply beautiful.Thank you! Why is this not beating the Christmas show? Cadets - sorry - gave Christmas a pass Phantom - sorry again. I promise to watch it on the finals DVD. Crown - beautiful field coverage. Big sound! Love it! Blue Devils - love the sound when the horn line plays and mostly get the concept but really not a fan of the constant narration. Final notes to all corps, (because I'm totally sure they read all of the comments on DCP and take them into consideration - /sarcasm off ) Please put a little more thought into the uniforms - some colours (BDB guard for example) disappear into the turf on tv and even live for those of us who need glasses to see the detail. Really like the fact that more corps are marching the colour guard in the same uniforms instead of the variety with the same colour theme. Matching uniforms are so much nicer and makes it easier to see the forms. If you're going to use the large/long plums for the shakos (and aussies -Crossmen) make sure they are all straight and that the MM's are aware of their head angles when marching and when using the whole body in the pictures. They are so effective and make the pictures/forms more visible, however one plume on the wrong angle sticks out like a sore thumb. Final notes to DCI tv camera crew..... Some nice work on capturing individual members. More focus on some of the drum features would be good but over all a good job. To Lucas Oil Stadium Do you really need the Indiana Colts emblem in the center field for the weekend? Seriously? Couldn't you just leave it green until Monday? Looking forward to hearing the scores tomorrow night (later today actually)
  10. At home in Brantford, Ontario Canada. Received a call from my friend Sandy who was marching with Seneca Optimists that year. She called from the mall in Boulder saying people were running screaming and crying through the mall. Kelly RIP Sandy
  11. Simply one of the most entertaining shows I've seen in a very long time. It's been 6 years and I only went to Allentown after friends convinced us that all the shows were really good this year. And then I saw a clip of Crown (early season with AMAZING guard work) on another site. The guard work in that clip sold me. The rehearsal in Allentown we saw made me the newest Crown fan. Thank you for helping bring me back to the activity that shaped me as a young woman, introduced me to the love of my life and gave my girls a foundation in life that only drum corps can. Kelly
  12. It's been 6 years since I sat through a finals show and I wasn't keen on it then because of all the changes in the repetoires to showcase obscure pieces of music. I also wasn't a big fan of the move towards dance and presenting of the 'themes'. Give me good, solid, unison flag and rifle features that compliment the music; a drum solo that rocks and a hornline that blows me away with their talent, intensity and wall of sound - that was drum corps for me. Friends convinced us that we really might enjoy it this year so, after viewing a few clips here and there, we headed to Allentown. What a great decision that was! I have reservations about the use of A&E and am still not keen on the vocals. The theme thing works for some (Crown, Phantom) but not so much for others (what the heck was Cavaliers nature boy thing about anyway??) - still I'd rather hear the corps just play the tunes - stop telling me what I'm supposed to be getting from it. We watched semi's via the fan network and wished we'd been able to get to finals. We're already talking about doing our own drum corps tour next year to inlcude Allentown and finals week. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet some new ones - all with the passion for this beautiful sport. I can only echo Jeff and other posters who ask DCI..... please, please, PLEASE - continue to promote the crowd entertainment factor. The performers, the staffs, volunteers - everyone connected to all of the corps work so very hard to put this amazing production out there for us to enjoy. It was, and is, a thrill to be able to give a standing O to each and every one of them without reservation. Thank you Carolina Crown for the most entertaining show I've seen ever. Congratulations Cadets - amazing performance. Well done Devils, especially colour guard! Thanks to all the corps for helping to bring us back. Kelly Newest Carolina Crown fan Long time Blue Devils fan
  13. lol.... my favourite memory of Buffalo Bob was on tour in '78 when he realized he'd left his pants at home and we were already on the road to Wisconsin. We had been on the road for a couple of hours, the bus was quiet and out of the silence was heard.... 'Oh, man...Bernadette's gonna kill me'..... Because the last thing Bernadette (our uniform lady and all around wonder woman) had said the previous rehearsal before we left Toronto was 'DO NOT FORGET YOUR PANTS OR SKIRTS'....... It was a long tour for Ron.....
  14. wow, Linda.... what a great memory this brings. My very first Canadian National Championships with St. John's. I'm just out of the picture on the national party. What a great night for a 12 year old - we won the all girls class and my favourite corps (besides St. John's) the Optimists also won. Thanks for sharing. Kelly
  15. Second from the left - Jim Kane. I marched with his wife Mary-Anne in St. John's (72-76) and again in 78 with Seneca Optimists. Kelly