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  1. joey joe joe jr


    best moment: seeing so many friends, laughing, talking about the 'good ol days' of marching, teaching. for me, it's more about the 'family' than the show.
  2. joey joe joe jr

    2 questions about ONYX

    'simple' lol - i didn't get that at all.
  3. joey joe joe jr

    Fan Network -- Who Do You Like?

    i'm bored
  4. joey joe joe jr

    Color Guards

    the good old days have long past.... (i'm old school as well) the shows in my opinion are the same as last year..... there are a few outstanding programs!! If you do purchase fan network - watch Trubull HS - you will REALLY enjoy it.
  5. joey joe joe jr

    Fan Network -- Who Do You Like?

    I'm diggin James Logan!
  6. joey joe joe jr

    Fan Network -- Who Do You Like?

    lawrence central may be my favorite show thus far.... very well written and the boxes are probably the best use of props i've seen in years. interesting, clever, captivating, yes zydeco - great! entertaining and i don't have to think about it braddock - don't get it but i like it - they remind me of northeast independent but with the braddock flair LOTs of great guards but these are the three top for me thus far.
  7. joey joe joe jr

    Independent World

    i wish SCV's show was five minutes shorter
  8. joey joe joe jr

    Fantasia video

    I'm asking for my money back
  9. joey joe joe jr

    Onyx 2012, SCV, Flanagan Braddock.. etc..

    fantasia = tasteless there is absolutely no reason what so ever for any color guard show to go to this extreme. it's not acceptable in my opinion. and please don't give me the 'pushing the envelope' crap.... that was what everyone was saying about onyx two years ago. (now go ahead and beat me up for giving my opinion about this)
  10. joey joe joe jr

    Fan Network -- Who Do You Like?

    there are many guards in all classes that are outstanding...... the shows overall are boring. If I had to pick one right now it would be Marcus. It's the only show that has really 'moved' me thus far.
  11. joey joe joe jr

    WGI Promotions?

  12. joey joe joe jr

    Fan Network -- Who Do You Like?

    thus far from what i've seen - no one. there's a lot of 'ok' (talented guards, boring shows)
  13. joey joe joe jr

    Onyx 2012, SCV, Flanagan Braddock.. etc..

    i have to comment on flannagan..... strong, strong, strong guard! I thought about 2 minutes in 'wow, they move and perform like independent' - 2 more minutes in and i thought 'are they going to do anything but run and toss? they certainly can toss and toss well - that is obvious. someone count how many tosses they have.
  14. joey joe joe jr

    austin predictions?

    there will be lots of kids in a gym
  15. joey joe joe jr

    Fan Network, 2012 edition

    I read the review and it said they have someone dressed up as the big bad wolf??? really? I've not seen it yet so I'm not going to pass total judgement yet but I have to say that does seem a little too literal for this class of guard. I hope they fix whatever it is - CGCG cannot be scoring a 60!!!! that is unexceptable! Best of luck CGCG - I need to see you in finals!! xoxo ok - just signed up and watched CGCG - completely agree.... the guard is strong and although it's hard to see on video technique, etc. but the staging is baaaaaaad. and i don't mind the boy as the big bad wolf.... i get it. (still may be too literal)