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  1. Just a quick survey to see who plans to be there for Mini Corps in Rochester this year? The Rocketeers are in our 6th season and will compete Mini Corps for the 3rd consecutive year.
  2. Is System Blue still King or did they switch brands like they did with the drums?
  3. The Rocketeers Mini Corps - Huntsville AL Kanstul Sops Kanstul & Dynasty Mello Kanstul Bari / Bari Grande Kanstul & Dynasty Wilson Euph Kanstul Contra Grande, Dynasty Supermag, Dynasty Contra We have 36 horns total. 29 Kanstul & 7 Dynasty
  4. We still have some of these patches. Please let me know how many you need!
  5. The Rocketeers have about 25 of these left $5 + .50 shipping each in CONUS. Will ship elswhere for UPS/FedEx cost. Contact me for payment instructions.
  6. The Rocketeers have a bunch of 2013 DCA patches we need to clear out of our inventory. $5 ea plus shipping. Email me with how many you need and I will send you payment instructions. Image from Drum Corps Collectibles Bill Gullatt The Rocketeers
  7. Donny, Congrats on 20 years! That just proves there is a demand for mini corps. The Rocketeers will be there again this year. Our second year in mini corps. 5th year at DCA Finals. Bill
  8. Original style "s" leadpipe off old BD Kanstul Contra Grande. Very good condition $65 + shipping. We are having the contra converted to the new style "J" pipe. Photo may be seen on Drum Corps and Marching Band Classifieds on FB.
  9. The Rocketeers have a chrome Dynasty 2V mello and silver 3V sop(#2) for sale. We need to sell these to pay for repairs on several Kanstul sops and a contra. Photos posted on FB Drum Corps and Marching Band Classifieds. Can send pictures on request. Asking $200 - mello and $300 - sop. Shipping to be paid by purchaser. Ships from 35749 Bill Gullatt The Rocketeers
  10. The Rocketeers formed in 2011 with the goal of becoming a Mini Corps. The only options for competition at that time were SDCA and DCA Mini Corps at finals. We did an exhibition that year at DCA Atlanta and went to DCA Finals to compete as a brass ensemble. We focused on growing our core group. In 2013 we heard about SoundSport. After talking with John DeNovi at DCI we were invited to play exhibition at the DCI show in our own hometown. This was the biggest springboard The Rocketeers have had. DCI began including us in all of their Sound Sport marketing. We were getting contacted by people inte
  11. The Rocketeers are new on the scene. This will be our 5th season. Second in mini corps. It is the mini corps like Ghost Riders and Star United that have inspired us to want to work harder and do more. It does baffle me that most of the organizations DCA, DCI, SDCA don't really consider any corps as a member or affiliate member of some kind if they are not on their competition schedule for the year. Look how many different groups come to that are not on the field but are competing in I&E or mini corps. If the organizations were to offer some basic affiliate membership and list those corps o
  12. The Rocketeers will be at DCA Finals as well as DCI SoundSport in Nashville, Atlanta and exhibition in Huntsville. Hope we get the opportunity to do an SDCA show soon. The Rocketeers are an 18+ mini corps from Huntsville, Alabama. We rehearse Sunday afternoons twice a month in Madison. Alabama. Current openings for soprano, mellophone and percussion. For more information:
  13. It's just what it says. The South is getting hotter! Look at the drum corps activity brewing in Florida and Alabama. Add that to the anchors in Atlanta. Expand a little more into Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas. Wow there is a lot of stuff going on. I am sure I missed some. Alabama Rocketeers - Huntsville - DCA Mini Corps, DCI SoundSport Southern Knights - Birmingham - DCA South Song - Mentone - WGI Winds SouthWind - Mobile - DCI Florida Florida Brass - Lakeland - Alumni Florida Xpress - Orange Park - DCI SoundSport Heat Wave - DCI Impact - Orlando - DCA Mini