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  1. With the way the copyrights are now. I going with the, probably not seeing a DVD in the future. The videos that are even made for promotion (Behind The Bull Call) has to have everything in check. You probably will not hear any show music in any of them.
  2. Not sure if this was mentioned but the chains are for the show Unchained and the members use them during the show. Not a permanent thing. hope you all can come out and see the show live. I believe you will be entertained.. For the right money we might even do it undressed..(ok no we wouldn't)
  3. Let the DCA Season Begin (select HD ) Tickets are Still available All Seats $18.00 All Seats General Admission Gates open at 5:30 pm Show starts at 6:30 pm Go to and order now.
  4. In just a few Days Cabs At The Beach will be here take a look.. Show date June 20th Order Tickets at Questions Email or call 973 945-5912
  5. I think you will see that C2 will not have many holes come finals week.. knowing Rich they will have a set number and write the show for what they have not what they think they have. Maybe 1 or 2 holes not ten. My thought . Those that don't Make Cadets and are local/can make it work will be guided to C2. Are they a feeder Corps? You can say that, but these days most DCA corps are sort of a feeder for DCI.. Plenty of kids go from DCA to DCI..So it is what it is..
  6. Thanks Dan.. Also This year I don't think Our Show will be anything about EYES..
  7. Intro to our 2015 season. All are welcome.....Come check it out!!!! Rehearsal Hours: Saturday, Novemeber 29th 10:00AM -5:00 PM Sunday, Novemeber 30th 9:00 AM - 4:00PM Please fill out a profile at It will help us to prepare for you at our Open House 2015!!! Registration fee for Open House... $25.00 for returning members. $50.00 for new members. This fee will be put towards your tuition / dues should you continue on with the 2015 Caballeros. A little Open House Video
  8. Good Day All. Going to say this right off the bat. This is From Me Chris Fontanelle ..Who just happens to be a Caballero. I am not speaking for Caballeros. Ok cool .. I want to Congratulate all my friends with the Reading Buccaneers On Their Championship win and to a great Competing season. Both Corps have friends on either side. We knew this was going to be a crazy ride. We knew that neither Side were going to lay down. We did not want them to and I don't think they wanted us to either. So that whom ever won could say we did it when they were at their best. Heck we also did not know
  9. I use our Facebook Page and FB Groups to give the weekly video and other information more than here on DCP.. Because trying to add a video Link pictures etc takes a little more time on Here than on FB.. With my limited time I have , I can load stuff onto the Four or Five FB pages faster than trying to link things here etc.. During the winter months I use DCP more for Camp up dates.. I have more time. then.. I think that is what Liz was getting at with we can control it better. Lets say Manage it easier. As for Public forums we just stay off.. We all know people can read one sentence s
  10. Practices are always open.... See you there..
  11. Hawthorne Caballeros camp weekend along with their tag day Fund Raiser. If you are in the Hawthorne area drive on through stop by &visit. While you are here you can get rid of that change just laying there in the ash tray or on the floor of the car. We will gladly take any extra $1, $2, $5 $10 $100 $1000 dollar bills you may not want or need. :) Here is the schedule for the weekend.. Saturday9 am until 5pm Kohler Beverage 150 Wagaraw Road Hawthorne, NJ 07605 After the dinner break, everyone will report to Lyndhurst High School. Lyndhurst High School 400 Weart Ave. Lyndhurst, NJ 07
  12. Here are the changes to this weekend’s camp schedule! Saturday April 26, 2014 All brass and percussion will report to Kohler Field: Kohler Beverage 150 Wagaraw Road Hawthorne, NJ 07605 Check in 8:30 am. Rehearsal Saturday 9am – 9pm. Sunday April 27, 2014 All brass and percussion will report to Lyndhurst High School Lyndhurst High School 400 Weart Ave. Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 Rehearsal Sunday 9am – 4pm.
  13. This past weekend the Hawthorne Caballeros Guard & Percussion got back into the swing of things. Here is a short video from their practices. Also The Hawthorne Caballeros will hold brass and percussion camp, this Saturday, April 26th, and Sunday April 27th, Details are as follows: Saturday Brass and Perccussion will report to Kohler Field: Kohler Beverage 150 Wagaraw Road Hawthorne, NJ 07605 Check in 8:30 am 9am to 9pm Sunday April 27, 2014 All brass and percussion will report to Lyndhurst High School Lyndhurst High School 400 Weart Ave. Ly
  14. The Caballeros have been outside learning drill the last few weeks here is a little Glimpse Also this Saturday April 19th The Defending 2013 ColorGuard Champions will be holding Auditions From 10am - 4pm at Lincoln Middle School - 230 Hawthorne Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 07506. Come be part of this Talented & Amazing group of Performers. For more information go to