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  1. For the record: I saw with my own eyes some of Boston's percussion staff stayed on the sidelines to cheer on Crown. So maybe all the animosity is coming from us, the fans. Sure didn't look like the staff had any beef.
  2. You may be right. I may have misread the post one of BD's drivers made earlier today. They’re still staying in my neighborhood. Highland Park HS is roughly two miles from SMU. Evidently the driver said he walked through SMU's campus to get to where a few of them went for lunch. Still interesting that they’re staying in Dallas tonight but not doing the Denton show.
  3. Yeah SMU is definitely a prime location. The campus is beautiful and it's in a great neighborhood.
  4. So apparently the Blue Devils are staying at SMU today. I mean I’m not complaining since I live in NE Dallas not far from campus, but it's a bit strange that they’re in town since they won't be performing at any of the Dallas area shows this year.
  5. BD is probably best enjoyed in person but they don't come to Dallas anymore so I'm forced to go by what I see on the stream. They're obviously really really good. From an entertainment standpoint however, I'm just not there yet. I'm not a BD hater either. I just wish they'd tinker a bit more with their show formula...but I also totally understand why they don't.
  6. I may be on an island with this opinion but the corps that disappointed me the most is Blue Stars. I usually compliment them every season on their creative programming but this year's show feels very cookie-cutter to me. I felt that way when I first saw the show announcement but I wanted to wait to see the show to be sure. Seen the show a couple of times, still not really feeling it. 😕 Cavaliers are also a candidate but they haven't really been themselves since 2011 so I never really know how high my hopes should be with them. Pleasantly surprised: Phantom Regiment. I was afraid last year would be a fluke or an anomaly. It wasn't. This year's production is every bit as good as last year's, IMO.
  7. Those of us that live/have lived in that part of the country know: the southeast gets the most rain every summer. I've been to more than one "Carolina Cloud" home show over the years that got rained out. 🙁 Hopefully this system passes quickly.
  8. I knew that Crown DM looked familiar. He was one of the DMs the year Mason did the Top Gun show. Very cool.
  9. I would argue that putting too much on the field too early on was one of the factors that kept Crown off the podium in 2022.
  10. I’m sorry but this crowd was very mid all night. There's no excuse to not be going crazy for the home team.
  11. That would come as a surprise to me. Their current uniforms perfectly convey the show theme. And unlike in 2022, there's nowhere for the corps proper to hide and execute a uniform change.
  12. The talent is undeniable. I think for me it's two things. I’m not feeling the emotional connection I usually feel with a Crown show and the ballad doesn't sound very Crown-like to my ears. But I'll admit that some years I'll see a show live for the first time and do a complete 180°.
  13. I've never felt this way about a Crown show before but I think I'll need to see it live to get a better read.
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