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  1. SCV’s look probably reads much better in person but over the live feed…yeah it’s not a very flattering look.
  2. I’ll take the lighter look over everyone in black any day. I know white is visually unforgiving but it looks so much better under the lights!
  3. I’m really loving the new Madison! I have a feeling it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but IMO a refresh is exactly what Madison desperately needed. I can’t wait to see how this show does competitively!
  4. Carolina Crown Corps proper with color guard Drum majors Corps proper with tops removed
  5. I’m definitely loving Crown’s costuming this year! My favorite look for them in a long time! The preview is up now on Crown’s facebook!
  6. I respect that. I will say that some corps do electronics more tastefully than others. I have a pretty high tolerance for it as long as it’s properly woven into the show. I feel the same way about props. As long as it serves a purpose, I’m ok with it. Bluecoats do a better than average job in both categories.
  7. I mean the guy can definitely sing, I’ll give him that. Not 100% sure it was necessary but ok I’ll go with it.
  8. Nah those look like snares too. But flubs in drum corps is a thing now. Music City fielded a flub line last year and I believe I heard they’re bringing it back this year.
  9. I remember seeing these guys last year in Texas and being pleasantly surprised by how good they sounded.
  10. At first, I thought for sure it was a synth nailed to a wooden frame that mimics a baby grand piano but in the closeup shots it looks real…to my untrained eyes. Probably still a prop though.
  11. Gold marching 16 tubas! EDIT: I think my math may have been off but that’s still a lot of tubas. RE-EDIT: Nope I was right. 16 tubas!
  12. The 2015 show was heavy on the electronics too but I don’t remember there being too many critics that year. So we’ll see! I trust the design staff. Their track record over the last decade is pretty solid!
  13. I’m pretty excited to see Crown THREE times in Dallas next month. I have a feeling this year’s show will be a hit with the younger fans!
  14. Funny you mention it because I got “Animal Farm” vibes from this show. I’m kinda “meh” on this show at the moment but I’d be surprised if it didn’t grow on me by finals. Unlike in 2014, I will see this show live a number of times this summer and I’m sure I’ll find myself attending a BAC rehearsal a time or two.
  15. I’m absolutely obsessed with the Mandarins new direction! They’ve gone from a corps I paid virtually no attention to…to one of the groups I actively seek out when they come to town! I know it’s pretty crowded at the top but I really see this corps being a championship contender in the near future! I can’t wait to see what they’ve got for us this year!
  16. I fear you may be right. This inflation is no joke and the corps can only squeeze the MMs so hard for tour fees. I hope we’re both wrong but we’ll see…
  17. This. A smart betting man would go with BD every time. He won’t win every time, but he will win more times than he loses.
  18. The answer is BD. The statistics only allow for one choice here.
  19. Agreed. But there have been some corps that have been spared. I don’t remember Cadets having any issues with their narrator in 2014.
  20. Lisa Oil Stadium is infamous for wireless mic issues.
  21. Small preview of this year’s look posted on FJM’s IG. https://www.instagram.com/p/CemryCNFphZ/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
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