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  1. Hi. So I am 64, haven't drummed seriously in a long, long time, but I am trying to get my chops back into shape to play with a local, fun group. After only two days of drumming for about an hour each day I'm getting pretty noticeable pain in the large (base) knuckle of the left index finger. I'm playing traditional grip. I'm watching the left hand but can't really analyze anything that is causing the problem. Any thoughts? Grip too tight? Is there some generic error in the grip I should be looking out for? Maybe I just overdid it for the first couple of days? Maybe I'm just too old for this. I was expecting achy wrists and blisters (got 'em!) but not this. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Right now it hurts to turn a doorknob. Thanks!
  2. Jeff - not sure if this will work but this was my hug when I showed up at Pio's housing the night before prelims.
  3. Agreed completely. I've had undefeated seasons as a caption head and DCA finalist appearance as an MM, whereas the Cadets have fluctuated between 22-30 members throughout our existence and we've certainly had our share of challenges - but it's been the best 5 years of my drum corps life.
  4. I think the big thing for Pio is not so much in the show design but in changing the perception that they are the stepping stone to higher ranking corps. It seems like they have to rebuild every year. Imagine what would happen if all the kids who are not aging out didn't head out to Phantom or Cadets etc. but stayed and built Pioneer. What would that look like? Somehow they have to change that perception with their first and second year vets. I agree about the score at Indy - I had them in the high 60's too. It wouldn't have made a difference in terms of moving on but the hard work and improvement should have been acknowledged IMHO.
  5. Wow - that is fantastic - thank you! They are amazing kids and I know your donation will go to good use. Thank you everyone for the kind words. We're never too old to learn and change and grow. I will be travelling a lot in retirement so I will no longer be able to fulfill the duties of caption head for the Scout House Cadets. I helped start this corps five years ago, so this goodbye is going to be the toughest ever. My last show with them is this Saturday and that student in Pioneer, Sienna, is going to saddle up and march quad with us one last time on that occasion. She was working the music on the bus ride home! I couldn't be more grateful and touched by her gesture but she's that kind of kid. I'm going to be a basket case that day! Moving forward I will help them out as a tech when I'm home, if needed, and continue on the board. I also want to help establish a small regional cooperative circuit up here so that the Cadets and other emerging corps in Ontario have more opportunities to perform at minimal cost. So to quote Monty Python, I'm not dead yet!
  6. That might be wise, all things considered... Chichester could be done almost like Carmina Burana though. More "naughty monk" than pious devotion...
  7. These kids work their hearts out - I really want to see them climb the ladder next year.
  8. There's plenty of great music with Bernstein to keep any corps rolling for years - has anyone done the Chichester Psalms? The question is the show concept they decide to wrap around it.
  9. Which is really too bad. I think the fixation with a theme needs to be toned down a bit.
  10. I'm married to the former drum major of St. John's Girls. Just saying.....
  11. I hung out with Pioneer Wednesday night and Thursday this past week as they prepared for prelims. I was there to support one of my former students who is now marching quad with Pio and being taught, ironically enough, by my former instructor, Tyrell Carver (an amazing guy, I was very happy to know "T" would be her instructor, but that's another story)... Seeing my student and T again was pure magic, and Pioneer are wonderful hosts - Roman is a true gentleman. I can't say enough good things about that organization and will encourage other kids I teach who are considering the jump to DCI to consider Pioneer without hesitation. I started marching in 1968. I've spent a lot of time thinking drum corps is not the same as when I marched and in many ways, it's true. Electronics, trombones, singers - much has changed and I haven't been onside with a lot of it. But I watched those Pioneer kids give it everything they've got in run-throughs Wednesday night, sectionals and runs Thursday morning, and then show prep in Military Park, most if not all of them understanding where they would place at the end of the day. It didn't matter to them, they threw every muscle and fibre of their being, and all of their heart, into preparing for that show. I could only watch in admiration. And I learned in that moment at show prep, that the things I maybe don't like about modern drum corps - the mics, the instrumentation etc. - are entirely superficial to the main event, which is the experience these kids have in marching. The work ethic you learn, the ability to learn your limits and then break through them, the lifelong bonds of friendship you make, the joy of performing for the audience - none of this has changed, and that's the essence of drum corps regardless of the era or competitive level you marched. If you marched, you get it. I'm 62 years old and in this, my last year of teaching, I learned a great deal about drum corps from these 22 and under year olds this week. In every way that matters - drum corps has not changed one bit. I'm a fan again. Thank you Pioneer for your gracious hospitality, and for the lesson.
  12. Definitely choked up my wife and me watching it on YouTube. Look, "Send In The Clowns" is Vanguard's song - nobody else can ever play that piece, but I truly believe it's an anthem for all of drum corps - especially those of us who were around back in the day to see SCV when they played it on the field. That music goes right through you, and you remember... Thank you, SCVAC - we're not worthy, but we're all worthy.