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  1. I know there are several MCL members and staff around these forums, is there any word about the future of MCL? I've never marched for a corps before and I'm really interested in marching this summer. I know that MCDC is an option, but their tour is quite a bit longer and more expensive, which I don't think would fly with my current job. I know they couldn't march last season and they mulled over the long term viability of the corps, are there any decisions made about what's coming in 2012? If not, what are my options in DCA outside of MCL? Is there anything closer than Atlanta or maybe a carp
  2. Carolina Crown 2012... Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams would be an UNBELIEVABLE opener with that hornline, Wake Me Up When September Ends would cause some wet eyes, St. Jimmy would be a really fiery piece and the album overall gives off that Carolina Crown swagger to me. It's been adapted into a Broadway musical and the movie is coming out in 2013, so the potential for the music is definitely there. Heck, with Wake Me Up When September Ends as a closer, I could see Crown WINNING with a show like this.
  3. Put 3/4 of the section on Baritone, and put the loudest 1/4 of the section on Euph. Best of both worlds!
  4. True, and it would be a smart choice considering it IS the school Animal House is based off of. Done!
  5. Finals Proposal: New England (DCPI: Animal House Edition!) World Class Yale Bowl New Haven, CT Capacity: 64,246 Open Class Harvard Stadium Cambridge, MA Capacity: 30,898 Class A Memorial Field Hanover, NH, on the campus of Darmouth University
  6. (Pardon my French, been a couple years and my vocabulary is supplemented by Google ) Saison Dix-Sept Proposition de Salle: Montreal, Quebec World Class Stade Olympique (Olympic Stadium) Montreal, Quebec Capacity: 66,308 (expandable) -Canadian Landmark -Historic home to DCI finals in 1981 and 1982 -Maintained very well to this day, currently the future temporary home of MLS's Montreal Impact -Actual grass can be installed in the stadium, as this was done for a soccer match last year Open Class Stade Percival-Molson (Percival Molson Memorial Stadium) Montreal, Quebec Capacity: 2
  7. How much different would this season be if the Cavaliers' Tenors line didn't jack around during warmups as much? Radiohead (from 2 corps even!), Sabbath, Evanescence, Queen, Skynyrd, Alicia Keys, Seal, Lady Gaga, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, A Perfect Circle, all on the field this year alone. What left-field repertoires are in store in 2012 when fan enjoyment is on the scoresheet?
  8. Ugh, I got in, then the Adobe Plugin crashed, then I got kicked out. YOU'RE KILLIN' ME SMALLS!
  9. ARGHAHEHJAOJDGLDBVADBJG Why do so many people have to enjoy DCI and crash the site?
  10. SCV 2000: This New Millennium Ain't That Great Cavaliers 2005: Secret Squirrel, Agent 000 (brownie points to whomever gets the reference!)
  11. Not drum corps, but my HS's marching band had an escort though Memphis to get to a competition. Interesting to say the least...
  12. Cadets and Crown. I really like how they're able to step outside the box with their ideas. Or sometimes go so far inside the box that it seems outside.
  13. If Cadets win, Madison makes Top 8 and Spirit makes Finals, I won't be a happy camper. I'll be an ecstatic camper!
  14. Marching band has replaced the local drum corps circuits for better or worse. Personally, I like it better. -You're building school pride in the kids. -More intimate instruction setting, as they're your band director and you spend all year with them. -"Create your own Tour", you can choose to go to USSBA/BoA or you can stay at home and compete only at competitions within an hour of you. Or not compete at all. -Stronger recruiting tool for the marching arts as a whole (more people at the football games than at a drum corps show) In my perspective as an 18 year old auditionee, the allure to
  15. There are a few bands in Tennessee that march Tubas to my knowledge. The real problem with HS bands marching Tubas is that it's rare to find a HS band that can play them without sounding...gross.