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    From Last place at State's to 7th in the Nation in Junior Corps.
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  1. Although you can not compare DCI scores to DCA scores as "Apples and Oranges", I think you can at least say, "Peach's and Nectarines". Lets face it. There is a DIFFERENCE.
  2. What a problem I have is : Almost ALL " DCA " judges primarily are also " DCI" judges. So clearly they can do BOTH. SO WHY would there be a problem with judges who do " DCI " primarily have a problem with " DCA." There no way one group would be able to do both ACCURATELY and not the other. (Honestly. I just do not understand. Please do not just give some hateful reply.)
  3. Wow That was one stunner for sure. But I do remember when I was in a Corps named the Asbury Park Hurricanes. (a nesr bottom States Corps in New Jersey field completion. ) We beat the Garfield Cadets in a PARADE once back in the early '60's. Oh and yes, the Parade was in Asbury Park. But, I am sure that had nothing to do with it.
  4. Is this the " GOVIES " ) FIRST DCA OPEN CLASS show in their First year in that Division?
  5. For all of you going to the Jersey Shore this weekend. There are at least 3 places to see it that night, Brick, Toms River and I think Neptune. All near Asbury Park and Seaside Heights.
  6. Did the Suns move there from Jacksonville? That is what the Baseball team in Jacksonville was called when I moved to Florida. There stadium is right next to the Gator Bowl. The stadium was a V like deal. The VFW States were held there many times. Oh well I hope all who attend the Pittsfield show ENJOY themselves. As I said already. Nice Place. Nice People and Good Corps make for a Great Time !!!
  7. I do not think the age thing of being younger has hurt : SC Vanguard Cadets or Blue Devils B at all. They beat a lot of Corps in the Upper Class of DCI.
  8. Hey I resemble that remark. Although most people do not notice it. New Jersey is a peninsula. I was 16 years old before I found out you did not have to PAY to go into another STATE. (South Delaware Bay/River - To Delaware - Toll Bridge, Toll Ferries. Or to West - Delaware River - To Pennsylvania - Toll Bridge's. Or to East Hudson Rive - New York City - Toll Bridge and Toll Tunnels, Only if you go straight North is it free.)
  9. When I say " liked " it is in General. I will say I liked some of the Empire Gimmick type stuff. Like the Patriotic things. But I did not care so much fore the version of the music all that much. Where as, even though I did not know the names of a lot of what Renegades played. I did like the music and the Style it was presented on the Field. so as I say often. It is mostly " OPINION " I am referring to. I can see and hear the Quality of Both. With Phantom. I just like the over all Look and Presentation over Cadets. Both have such great Quality. Clearly I would not go for a Hot Dog while the Cadets were on. That is what I am talking about. Now I was watching some High Quality Bands at a Nationals last night. About 5 or 6 and I did not like ANY of them. I don't think I watched 2 full shows. They were all Blue Devis like. I just do not care for BD. So that was a problem for me. Now to mess things up some. I think Cavaliers " Machine " was one of the Greatest shows ever put out in Jr. Corps. Then in SR Corps was Yankee Rebels, " Requiem For an ERA ". It was one of the BEST ever, 1969 I believe (The FIRST TOTAL THEME show with Special Uniforms and Flags, and Music.) Then Renegades shows.
  10. Thank You All. The Drum Corps style Band's seemed to be, more Fresh, Fan Friendly,and Entertaining. They looked more like they were enjoying themselves. It did not matter weather I recognized the music or not. Where as the Band like Drum Corps looked very Professional. They seemed to be trying to Impress the judges and not the PAYING public. More forced in what they did. Don't get me wrong Both are Excellent. Maybe thats why I always seem to LIKE : the Govies more than MBI ,or Hawthorn Cabs more than Reading, Renagades more than Empire, or NYC Sky over Bush. (and in : DCI, SCV over BD, or Madison over Cavies, or Phantom over Cadets.). In general anyway. I guess it is just personal taste than anything else.
  11. ThomVBFL : Thank You for posting this. I read Every Page. Very Interesting.
  12. Marched in Wahconah Park 3 times in 1962. (Pittsfield Cavaliers and Pittsfield Monarchs shows. Then the Hudson-Berkshire Circuit Championships) For the two regular season shows. They did not take out the Pitchers Mound. They did for the H-B Championships. Be prepared. It is a Round Baseball Stadium. (we also had no yard lines every 5 yards. Just Start, 50, Finnish, and sides. Made it a little harder on us competing. BUT, the people up there are very nice, and they Know Drum Corps very well. ENJOY !!! (Asbury Park (N.J.) Hurricanes at that time for me) September 22 1962 Pittsfield MA -- Hudson Berkshire Circuit Championship -- STADIUM: Wahconah Park Position Corps Score 1 Starlighters -------------- 84.750 2 Magnificent Yankees - 83.933 3 Pittsfield Cavaliers ----- 83.416 4 Pittsfield Momarchs --- 81.533 5 Asbury Park Hurricanes - 75.483 6 Continental Cadets ---- 71.116 7 Valiant Crusaders------- 69.283 8 St Josephs Islanders -- 67.100 9 Scarlet Raiders --------- 61.464 EXHIBITION Pittsfield Imperials
  13. I some how ended up on to a Marching Band Contest Video on YouTube. So I watched more. The funny thing to me is : Liked Those Drum Corps Style Bands Better than many of the Band Style Drum Corps. Now as I said this was a Band Competition of National Quality I am watching. So I am matching them with TOP Quality Drum Corps. ( I have never been much of a Band fan before. )
  14. I am still hoping to get to a show this year. Grand Prix - in Clifton, or the Tournament of Champions - in Bayonne. After over 50 years in Drum Corps. Competed 1962 - 2002. Then Alumni Corps till 2012. Now back to being a Fan. (Saw my First Show in 1960. The New Jersey VFW State's.) I Need : Someone to drive my van from Jersey shore area to and from show. Have to have help getting into stands. Even then I have to be having a good Health day, and Good Weather also.