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  1. Sounds like Japan to me. And I don't have a problem with that at all.
  2. I'm not so sure of that. I got to see a lot of great drum corps the past 60 years.
  3. Red Wing Stadium Rochester, NY (1959) Lucas Oil (2018) Veterans Stadium Erie, Pa LOUD Any and all with a track around the field Lucas Oil (Pot Roast sandwich is great) Tough one. Maybe Varsity at Georgia Tech
  4. From what I've gathered… General Flynn took the plea to protect his son.
  5. Hey Keith...….John Hathaway was judging a parade in Mayville, NY this past July 4th. Looked pretty good for an old guy.
  6. If there is ANY reason to be as old as I am(other than getting here) is that I can honesty say I have seen in person nearly all of the shows listed here. It's been a great run. Something like 36 DCI weekends. And many, many shows in between. Not in Indianapolis this weekend and miss it more than I thought I would. Well, maybe next year.
  7. Blue Devils will win on Saturday evening. If they don't win number 19 in 2019, how are they ever going to win number 20 in 2020?!? Nobody Does It Better!
  8. I lurk on here quite a bit. Just don't want to get involved in all of the banter. I went to the show in Murfreesboro last Friday and really came away with some interesting conclusions. Especially after all of the dialog I've been reading about corps not marching and playing at the same time--the old "park and bark" thing. Whoda thunk ya'll were talking about the Cavaliers!
  9. Got the tickets I needed. Thanks Drum Corps Planet!
  10. My son lives in Kentucky and I live near Buffalo, NY. He has decided we need to go to the Murfreesboro show because we can't do Indianapolis this year. I would like to have two decent seat tickets in hand before I drive down there. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Go back to three man squads. Color pre. Start on the left "off the line". Concert piece. G BUGLES! Leave via the right side of the field. It's not rocket science. Within two years the stands would be full. So would the horn lines and drum lines. Try it. If it doesn't work in two years....fold. Probably going to fold anyways if they keep going this way.