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    St.Peters Royaires Ct,74-80,CT Huricanes 81,Park City Pride 04-present
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    Blue Devils,Bridgemen,27th,Garfield
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  1. JerryS61


    I hear Barnum is back on
  2. JerryS61

    Percussion Equipment for sale

    What do the snares look like any pictures
  3. JerryS61

    Ws There or Wasn't There?

    It's just a score , they might as well given them 100
  4. JerryS61

    To Cabs Alumni

    spell check
  5. JerryS61

    To Cabs Alumni

    Special thanks to Cabs Alumni , for letting Park City borrow a bass harness for the show saturday night. Thanks again. Park City's Drum Line
  6. how can we get it back. my cell 203-218-6811

  7. Jerry,

    I have the horn. It was left in the banguet hall, Anthony gave it to me in the bar at about 2AM. He thought it might have been one of ours and so did I because you use the same black gloves as we do.

  8. With such a big crowd ,I'm surpised there's no reveiws. I always looked forward for them ,very sad.
  9. JerryS61

    BHOF Bridgeport

    Did anyone find a soprano at the show , one of our member (PCP) lost his during the day . Let us know if someone has it to return . thanks Jerry
  10. JerryS61

    some old corps photos

    Looks like Connecticut Classics
  11. JerryS61

    Forgotten Corps

    There were many corps back then in Connecticut , I marched in St. Peters Royalaires bpt ,ct 1974 -81 , my last year was 1980, I joined the Ct. Hurricanes. Royalaires competed in northeast ,garden state , and penn state circit
  12. When should a alumni corps think of calling it quits? I'm sure there's corps that struggle with this question from time to time.And no I don't know of any that are thinking of it.
  13. JerryS61

    some old corps photos

    it's 1981 championship year I marched snare
  14. JerryS61

    Bridgeport, CT DCA Contest

    much better than last year