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  1. I also noticed that yesterday they replaced their director, president of the board and business manager.
  2. According to their facebook post, they confirmed it's because of their failure to pay their hotel bill. How is that even possible?
  3. Don't you understand that is all DCP is? All of us? INCLUDING YOU!
  4. No, it's not someone's life. Because that statement goes to the fact that you STILL think we don't believe Sean did something wrong, which NO ONE has said in the last 4-5 days. What it is actually about is to get you to stop. All anyone said is that we don't see any place where it says the story was updated and where was it posted.
  5. She is ignoring you. Can’t see anything you post anymore, as well as a few other people. All of us will be happy that the truth is being accurately reported, now we have to wait on YEA’s internal investigation for their assessment on what happened.
  6. Sure. But if the article wants to put so much stock into Stuart's rumors which at least 1/2 turned out to be true, then they should be willing to tell it's readers it will investigate if the other individual is also guilty. He also doesn't say that GH was having sex with underage members, thus wouldn't be breaking any laws. If DCI didn't have any jurisdiction over the matter, the only thing Dan could have done after interviewing the victims would be contact YEA's BoD since there is no way he would have simply contacted them based on hearsay.
  7. I find it interesting that obviously the big news is with GH, but the article redacts the other DCI staffer but doesn't say they will look into the matter.
  8. Also consider that not only was he the CEO, but full-time director of the Cadets who went on tour with them, headed the US Bands and judged several shows per year and over saw the other 2 aspects of YEA!
  9. Isn't that all available on the internet? I'm not sure if it's required by law or a company out there does it, but I know others have seen their 990's.
  10. Seeing on DCP? I guess everything on the internet is true. I also read that BD is going to move and play.
  11. What financial failures? What am I missing, or is this rumor and conjecture? If they did not have the money, DCI wouldn't have hesitated to tell them they had to take a year off. I know they have to submit financial information for YEA! to DCI, but I'm sure they already have the preliminary 2018 tour budget.
  12. Extremely doubtful, especially C2. GH really didn't have much to do with them anyway. I think the chances would have been more if this all went down between August-December, but now, with DCI putting out several statement and Dan stepping in with the BoD, highly unlikely.