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  1. Also liked Bloo’s, because they used the Across the Universe arrangement (the movie not the song).
  2. BD, BK, Cavies, and Blue Stars (I feel like I’ve heard this music before despite not being into a ton of anime).
  3. For sale: triangular visual aids. Ideal for Geometry class but versatile for church use with stained glass embellishing. Extra plexi glass sold separately. Wheels for transport not included. Also metal mountains, perfect for your next but soon-to-be closed down theme park. $enough to buy new props OBO. Tents not included, we were able to return to REI with receipt to offset costs. Own a Christmas tree shop in Vegas and looking for the next big thing? These giant multicolored, LED lit triangles will make you the talk of the neighborhood! Call 1-800-PACCREST.
  4. Cadets. But realistically, money isn’t an object to me and I’m not going to miss out on anyone.
  5. What the hell is a .238 or a .163? That’s just made up numbers management that’s occurred in the last few years.
  6. It never did for me but that is my favorite drum feature from my least favorite winning show.
  7. The dance line in the closer doesn’t have anything to do and needs either a flag or a weapon IMO. Heck, even something on top of the props would be better.
  8. Usually, when people comment “lol” at the end of their posts they ask not to be taken seriously and it makes the reader feel like they wasted their time reading. So which is it?
  9. Lady in seatS next to us reminds us after every show that seats are too narrow and we need to move down. My butt is just as big or bigger than her’s and I’m running out of seat space at the end to scoot. Ready for BK!
  10. Phantom looks a lock for 12. Phantomettes better than the males.
  11. Surprisingly, after watching online and loving it, Spirit did nothing for me live.
  12. Everyone with their pics of amazing seats and I’ll be there in BFE😬.
  13. At Subway near stadium. Don’t like it, but kinda in a hurry. Seats are not the greatest this year, but that’s okay. The Wife’s practical side won out due to past rainouts, but perfect weather this year.