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  1. What year were the World Class corps allowed to switch from G bugles to the Bb/F horns they are currently using? Who pushed for the change? Did they all switch the same year? Who was the first and last to switch? Just curious...
  2. I was looking at the Poineer 2011 video, and I counted (perhaps I was mistaken) 20 in the hornline, and 19 in the battery; isn't this kind of odd? For instance, based on what I could easily see, there were 3 tubas and 10 snares. What's the purpose of using 10 snares when you only have 3 tubas? How's the hornline supposed to match the battery volume-wise? It seems like the balance of the ensemble would really be effected. Granted, I don't watch tons of DCI videos, but this is the only one that I've ever really noticed the numbers looked 'different'. For most of the corps I've seen, the rat
  3. Several years ago, I played the 3 valve King 1151 and the 3rd partial F (at the bottom of the staff) was so flat, I had to finger it 1+3; but that was sharp. I haven't played the 4 valve newer King 'Blue' SB50, but how is the 3rd partial F? Is it still waaaay flat or have they fixed that problem? It looks like they just slapped a 4th valve on it and called it a new horn... It was because of this major intonation problem I would never consider getting a 1151, but would probably go with some other horn; I hope the SB50 is better.