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  1. My only issue with going back too these songs is the corps is known for the playing the same things over and over again… If they were to do so I wish they would change the music, and go for a Darker show, or using sections of One song throughout the show, with it intertwined into three different songs with parts of the original still coming out at different parts. For example in Malaguena, I would like to hear the melody but might be used in a Darker way moving over to a darker side of the song and but still keeping the Same powerful Feel of the Song but pushing it into a minor key… Would Love to see “Madison gone Dark” or “Madison, The Dark Side” great show names. There is a lot that the Corps can do in the next few years. For me Going back to the Bugle Corps is #1 for a lot of the Alumni and myself. I understand that the Drum Crops have a hard time making a Profit off of G Bugles, At least that’s only one of the reasons they are Using for using the Bb Marching Band Instrument, Thanks George Hopkins for taking the Bugle out of Drum Corps.
  2. I am Glad to See that G Bugles are still being used in the Drum Corps Communities...Wish a few in the top 12 would go back to thier Roots.. You would think that DCI would have some type of Points Addition for using G Bugles like 1.5 on Music and GE for staying with the Bugle...