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  1. Chris, Thank you for the review of the Westchester Brassmen. We have been working very diligently to produce a mature sound. I agree, the baritones were playing quite well that night. We are performing throughout the Westchester County/Rockland County area over the next 2 months before our season winds down...feel free to look us up... Also, we are just days away from celebrating our 30th anniversary...September 7th....Glad you enjoyed the show.
  2. Considering the Brassmen were not in the parade or the show last year and the link I provided earlier states 2013, we are most definitely there. When you open this link, scroll down the page, do not click on the link with the show line-up Saturday Night Concert CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE 2013 CONCERT LINE UP Thanksgiving already!!!! For many of you Thanksgiving may be the third Thursday of November, but for those of us here in America’s Hometown, we start our preparation for this great Holiday in January. I like to have my “turkeys in a row”, s
  3. As Ray and I have spoken on Facebook, there is a reason I put the "real" Brassmen, it was not intended to offend any other corps with the name Brassmen in it. Those who know the recent history of the Westchester Brassmen understand however, this forum is not the place to discuss it.
  4. The Brassmen are there...check the link
  5. The WESTCHESTER BRASSMEN Drum and Bugle Corps - is pleased and proud to announce, that the BRASSMEN WILL BE participating in the 2013 Plymouth, Massachusetts "America's Hometown" Thanksgiving Parade and Drum Corps Show on Saturday, November 23, 2013. This parade is second only to Macy's and having done it before, they can't wait to get the real Brassmen back! Please click on the link for more information about the parade -
  6. If you are in the area, we are performing on August 24 at the Hurcs show in Bridgeport at 7:00 pm. We would love to see you there.
  7. Please click on the link and share in the excitement of the Westchester Brassmen as we get closer to our 29th Anniversary! My link
  8. Hey drum corps fans, the summer is over however, rehearsals are just heating up! Do you want to be a part of a legendary Drum and Bugle Corps with a resume that includes: Performances for the President of the United States Half time shows for the NY Jets and NY Giants Performances at Yankee Stadium New York St. Patrick's Day Parade Operation Welcome Home Parade honor the veterans of Desert Storm Among many other fantastic venues High school and college students have the opportunity to earn scholarships for college every year that they march! The Westchester Brassmen Drum and Bugle Cor
  9. The 1994 Macy's All Star Drum Corps was a lot of fun! I represented the Westchester Brassmen Drum and Bugle Corps from Harrison, NY where I now serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Assistant Brass Instructor. It was truly an honor for me to march in that parade and represent the Brassmen. I even got a 5 second TV shot so, that was great. It was an experience I will never forget. It was the first and last time I ever played with a horn line of 250!!!!!!!
  10. The Westchester Brassmen Drum and Bugle Corps....for those wondering "where we came from", I think it has been more like, where have we been. The corps has been around since 1984 and in the late 90's to mid 2000's, the corps had a substantial drop in membership. Since 2006 we have grown to a full size drum line and a horn line of approximately 60 (when everyone is there). The results of relentless membership drives is what you witnessed on May 21. We will be around this year at the Braintree, Massachusetts and Bristol, RI 4th of July parades, we will perform in exhibition at the Barnum F