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  1. So if it ever gets to the point that BAC would have to go through a name change operation ( breath NOT being held here) I think they could get the name "27th Lancers" for real cheap. No one seems to be using it right now.
  2. An even better trivia question for you. When did the 27th Lancers drums change from Black Watch tartan to Stewart?
  3. Yup. 1970 too, but DCI wasn't invented then. Neither was the internets.
  4. and the guy on the right is thinking, "eat 'em up Boston...(sigh)"
  5. Contact Thom Hannum. He did his thesis on marching cymbals.
  6. I think we should all go find Steve Groh and beat the $#!^ out of him.
  7. Rinky dink? Maggie we only had to travel about twenty miles for the show but did it in yellow school busses or our own cars. (have you ever seen a 36" bass drum stuffed into the back seat of a VW convertible?) We owed too much money to the bus company to get 3 coaches. I remember that week very well and we did our best show at the CYO only to see 7th place. We could not believe we could have ever won the World Open against the real powerful corps like Anaheim, Troopers and some other corps from northern California.
  8. Miami, FL 1 87.450 Troopers 2 86.750 Boston Crusaders 3 85.550 The Cavaliers 4 85.050 Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights 5 84.900 Blue Stars 6 84.550 Kilties 7 83.800 Madison Scouts 8 82.550 Argonne Rebels 9 82.500 27th Lancers 10 82.200 The Cadets 11 81.400 Blue Rock 12 74.000 Black Knights
  9. Their tribute site is here: http://www.desplainesvanguard.com </a> Des Plaines was one of my favorite corps to compete against and some very cool people.
  10. I heard this beanman guy marched that show with a mouse in his pocket. Does that make it 287?