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  1. All I know for me was that during competitons and shows I would be so hyperfocused that I didn't have anything but the performance in my head and then bam! the show was over!
  2. - Madison's show - BAC soloist - Crossmen's ballad - Cadets drum break - Spartans pre-show
  3. use www.dci.org not http or anything, it works
  4. "The Video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed by this website" BOO :(
  5. We need someone who can access it or is live to post scores for us. Website is not working for me either.
  6. Awesome Review! Les Stentors The Rendezvous (Claude Léveillé) Happiness makes you the Eye (France D'Amours / François Léveillé) Piano Solo (traditional) The Ti-Rap Petang (traditional / The Smiling Botin) What if you could love (Celine Dion) And it's not over (Stéphane Venne) Go where you go (Celine Dion)
  7. This is awesome, many of our staff here has marched with ECJ in the past, this would be awesome to see them back in action!
  8. After the Blue Devils preform, one of the judges remembers that He's forgotten to write his poor old mother yowza, yowza,yowza and records a note instead of judging the Cadets. Cadets drop in GE and lose.