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  1. 6 King Ultimate series Bb French Horns in great shape. They are in laquer finish, and are in good playable shape. Pics are available. $800 each, obo.
  2. These are high end, Blue police officer patrolman caps, made by Bayly. The caps have a metal grommet on the front to attach a badge/emblem. Most have a black plastic band, with a few with a gold band. They are new, never worn. $20 each, obo I will sell in lots as small as 20 each.
  3. I have 200+ black shakos for sale. they have a diamond embroidered on them, and come with the plastic storage case. $25 each, obo. Pics are available via email.
  4. I am selling them for $40 each, obo.
  5. I have a 200+ Blue uniforms with Black bibbers, for sale. Almost new, with detachable piano key inspired sash, and patch on the right hand shoulder. The patch is sewn on, and is easily removable. I also have guanlets in the same piano motif, These Uniforms can easily be modified/customized. I will sell them in as small as 50 units per. I have pics available, and send me a email for pics.
  6. had two Kanstul horns on auction about a month ago.
  7. I purchased it at a online auction. It is engraved with US MARINE DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS. I don't have it in front of me right now, so I don't know exactly what it says.
  8. Western Vanguard is planning to be a Sound sport /sdca corps.
  9. Western Vanguard in Odessa Texas set a goal of 10 to 20 members for It's first year. Yesterday, at a recruitment presentation, they had 55 people sign interest forms and 11 people signed commitment forms. Western Vanguard maybe off to a roaring start.
  10. Everytime I see it, I think of night riders, burning crosses, and terror. And I also graduated from Shades Valley High, when it was in Homewood.
  11. I have a olds 2p mellophone(loaned to me), and a 2p Kanstul(USMC commandants own, MY OWN)
  12. I am looking for 2 valve G mellophones. I prefer King, Kanstul, or Olds, but will consider all. I may even consider piston/rotor. Let me know what you have.
  13. Ventures always had innovative shows. The first time I saw them, they had the giant yellow pop out hats. That was the First time I ever saw someone modify their uniform on the field.
  14. Americanos. Everytime I saw them, they had tight, clean shows.
  15. Set of 4 tympani. 2- 26", 1-30", 1-32" shipping is from Houston, TX. some scratches, but in good condition $2000