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  1. Always loved Madison. I feel they are the last of the real drum and bugle corps. The pervious 2 years of the Troopers also fit this category. They make me feel like a kid. Still have the power and gracefully perform their book. The artsy folks have taken over. The Men from Madison will return. Just hope they don't cave into the pressure. I always know if they are in the lineup I will get to see a drum and bugle corps show.
  2. Rough run for phantom? Thought the looked and sounded better last night
  3. Someone needs to tell the field percussion judge to keep the hell out of the way. 3 corps so far got in the way multiple times. You would think he has seen each corps enough by finals week to not be part of the show
  4. Si in all seriousness. My father who was a drum major in a AL Senior corps and director of the young Admirals from lincoln nebraska. Passed away 2 weeks ago. Wanting to start a scholarship in his name. Any help or support will be helpful
  5. That folks like them or not is why they are world champions! Sorry for the double